Scientists Finally Discovered: This Is What Is Common To All Smokers Who Live A Long Time!


The! scientists have long studied smokers who live a long time and realized that they had one thing in common.

All smokers know that their habit endangers their health and risk of premature death. But some smokers despite the risk that they are so long-lasting.

US scientists have discovered that some smokers experience a very advanced age, although smoking, and all about one thing: their genes.

Scientists have smokers who live a long time and realized that they had one thing in, that is, the common longevity genes studied for a long time.

These genes allow more resistant to harmful substances in cigarettes, but also generally to other types of pollution around us.

Those who have these genes are also 11 percent less likely to develop any type of cancer.

In smokers of long life Scientists have discovered a set of genetic markers, which are the same as those markers in people living longer, and not smoking.

These genes work to promote faster recovery of cells and stimulate their better resistance to a number of harmful habits which people are exposed, such as smoking. ‘

Therefore, even though some individuals are exposed to high levels of biological stress, such as those found in cigarette smoke, their bodies can best be established to address and repair damage . ‘ “Said the scientist Morgan Levine for the Daily Mail.
The former smoker Britain 102 years old died after blowing their way through 170,000 cigarettes.

Winnie Langley died 17 August 2010, after taking the habit just days after the First World War broke out in June 1914 when he was just seven years old.


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