Scientists Discovered How You Can Extend Life With Giving Up Just One Food!


Consumption large amounts of animal protein is associated with higher levels of mortality, the study revealed

Eating lentils, nuts and other vegetable proteins instead of sausages and meat significantly increase the chances of a long life , reports The Independent.

The largest study to examine the effects of different protein sources in the diet have found that a high intake of animal protein, especially meat processed and unprocessed red is associated with high levels of mortality.

At the same time, it was discovered that consumption of large amounts of plant proteins – such as lentils, beans or nuts -. Associated with a lower risk of death

The study by the School of Medicine at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital was followed by 13,000 people for 36 years, controlling how your diet, lifestyle , disease and mortality preferences.

They found that to maintain a balanced diet need to consume a certain amount of protein, but it was determined that the source of these proteins is also very important.

turned out to be 10% higher meat consumption was associated with a two cents higher mortality rate for each and eight percent higher chance of cardiovascular death.

is therefore suggests that between 15 and 19 grams of animal protein – the equivalent of a sausage or a couple of slices of bacon – replace the nuts, legumes or grains, can be reduced significantly the risk of premature death

While previous studies have focused on total protein intake is important, the selection of different foods that people eat to enter the protein is equally important , “said Dr. Song Ming Yang, lead author of the study.” Our findings have implications for public health and can help improve the current dietary advice when it comes to protein intake. “

the researchers also noted that the relationship between the type of protein and mortality varied with respect to the lifestyle of an individual.

smoking, alcohol consumption and severe obesity are also affected by the association in study participants. Among healthy participants, the association disappeared, which the researchers attributed to the fact that health conscious people tend to eat more fish and poultry instead of red and processed meat.


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