Scientists Discover new drug that fights Hair Loss and its results are phenomenal

The several thousand men in the world would hear this magic phrase, a “new cure for baldness”. But now all this can actually aspire to be happy because there is a new cure and it takes only four months for a patient to grow a whole new crop of hair.

The surprising new remedy called ruxolitinib used as a treatment for bone marrow has proven effective for hair growth. This is indeed a miracle.

1Baldness thing of the past

ruxolitinib works from the inside by reducing enzymes that prevent growth of hair follicles. All you need is just four months and ready, have a large growth on his bald head. No more wigs and hair weaving painful treatments. Volunteers who used the drug show that almost 90% of hair growth. Alopecia or premature baldness soon be a thing of the past.

Until now under investigation and ruxolitinib was used for malignancies in bone marrow. However, trials study showed phenomenal results for their contribution to hair growth. Scientists say the discovery could benefit thousands of people suffering from alopecia worldwide.


2Targets that cause hair loss

ruxolitinib targets those enzymes that inhibit hair growth. Called JAK inhibitor having a performance level of 90%. The study’s lead researcher Dr. Julian Mackay -Wiggan Medical Center Columbia University said, “Although our study was small, it provides crucial evidence that JAK inhibitors may be the first effective treatment for people with alopecia areata” . She went on to say that the new discovery of significant heartening for those suffering from the traumatic effects of alopecia way.

The study results regarding the new cure for baldness were extremely positive with the drug induces a high rate of disease remission. But Dr. Julian also suggested that maintenance therapy would be necessary.

3Alopecia attacks both men and women

The Aeata alopecia is one of the most common causes of hair loss that strikes men and women of all ages. To date there are no established treatments for disease that can restore hair to the tune of 100%. Ruxolitinib was tested on 12 volunteers suffering from the disease in various ways and suffered hair loss up to 30%.

Patients were given 20 mg of the drug is taken twice a day for six months. Nine of the participants in the study shows 50% and above hair growth within 3 months. At the end of the study, 77% hair growth shows 95%.

new hair growth now and say goodbye to Baldy

One third of patients show hair loss after the drug was discontinued. The most significant part of the results was reduced levels of skin inflammation and increased hair keratin, proteins responsible for hair growth had no adverse effects except for some patients with infrequent signs of infection skin, allergy and lowered hemoglobin. These disappeared after the doses were adjusted.

This is part of an investigation of first class where it has established a new and effective cure for baldness noted. It is a surprise to all who suffer from the effects of hair loss news.



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