– The research was conducted at 1.7 million people,
-They determine which diseases observed in 1668 patients, 55 showed a strong association with the month in which they were born

Researchers say there are scientific reasons why you should pay attention to the month in which you were born, announces the American and Italian Corriere della Serra hour. Although not common for serious academic researchers practice, however, the scientist Nikola Tatoneti is something totally unexpected for those used for investigating biological and molecular effects on human health.

The study of the large database of patients Medical Center Columbia developed in recent years, Tatoneti and his team considered first if the month of birth has something to do with the appearance of certain diseases . They found that from 1668 the pathologies observed in patients, 55 of them showed a strong association with the month in which these people were born and Tatoneti argues that it is not a coincidence.

for 16 diseases they are determined that nobody been associated with the months, and among them are heart disease.

– astrology is based on the month you were born, which impacts this type of research because it has no scientific evidence to corroborate. The period of the year you were born reflects on you after birth -. Tatoneti said

According to data from the survey that was conducted over 1.7 million people, those born in January, commonly suffer from hypertension, while February as the month of birth brings atrial fibrillation, a disorder heart rhythm that causes heart palpitations. It also showed that the spring are carriers of heart disease, so those born in March are suffering from atherosclerosis, and those who celebrate the birthday in April, can not be avoided by angina.

Those born in May, June, July and August are usually very safe and sound bad diseases, which are again in September, suffering from asthma. On the other hand, October brings mental illness, frequent infections November, while those born in December are struggling with bronchitis from the earliest age.


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