Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children

Good business can really bring a great benefit, and drawn the world on false information and false belief . Nutella has become quite a brand, and stands out as a healthy product, although there is no single thing about Nutella that can be considered healthy.

We can not say that all the ingredients found in jars of Nutella are healthy or genetically modified, but one bad ingredient is needed to turn things upside down. Nutella contains four unhealthy ingredients.



Most of you probably say this is not true, as is the main culinary staple in Asian cultures, and has been so for centuries. But the truth is that Asians eat small amounts of soy traditionally grown, and that does not apply to Western soybeans, because people, especially Americans eat tons of GM soya.

is soy lecithin which damages our health. Scientists associated with thyroid depression, weight gain, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle, premature puberty and even breast cancer.


we are not talking about natural sources of sugar, sugar beet, but OMG sold at low prices. These beets are filled with pesticides and altered sugar can not be recognized in the human body. These unhealthy sugars act as neurotoxins, which means that cross the blood brain barrier and removing brain cell firing. GMO sugar is associated with ADD, ADHD, depression, autism, migraine, anxiety, and the like.

Skim milk

The containers of dairy products often contain images of happy cows and show a happy environment, but that has nothing to do with the milk added in these products. This milk is not even skim milk. Dairy products contain pus filled milk obtained from transgenic maize fed antibiotics and other goodies ” that are not even aware cows. Such production measures ” to reduce costs, and drinking milk from diseased cows. The end result is milky white liquid containing milk powder, milk and this is the worst cholesterol there.


Although the label says that certain products do not contain ‘no artificial colors,’ says nothing about natural flavors such as vanilla. This vanilla makes your brain believe that you are actually eating real vanilla, and this is the original vanilla flavor. Your brain is confused, and artificial flavor becomes a winner. vanilla flavors have neurotoxic effect and eliminate brain cells.

trigger brain serotonin receptors and the hormone of happiness, and finally, you’re stuck with a “sweet” addiction. This dangerous ingredient occurs in petroleum-based factories in China, and the country is the world’s largest producer of vanilla.

Avoid neurotoxins, sugar GMO, cheap and artificial flavors. Gather the strength to say ‘no’ to the Nutella, no matter how delicious it thinks it is.


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