Saturated fats can escalate the chances of breast cancer


Adolescents rarely think about maintaining a proper diet and routine, but believe it or not what you eat in adolescence affects their health in adulthood. Excessive consumption of saturated fat and less mono- and polyunsaturated amounts in adolescence and adolescence years has been linked to increased breast density in adult women, which can lead to breast cancer later in life.

dairy, meat and hydrogenated oil are sources of unsaturated fat, while olive oil, avocado and nuts are often considered as the good type of fat (monounsaturated fat) your body needs.

breast tissues during the period of adolescence are sensitive to many elements; researchers were interested in whether the type of food intake during the growth period has any relation to breast density in adulthood.

The researchers monitored the eating habits of 177 participants between the ages 10-18. Later the breast density was measured when they reached the age of 25-29.

After considering factors such as education, number of pregnancies and births, body type, the researchers concluded that a diet rich in saturated fat during adolescence is directly connected to the increased rate dense breast volume (DBV) in adulthood.

Women who had a higher content of saturated fat in their diet exhibited an average rate of 21.5% compared to DBV those with less saturated fats were 16.4% DBV.

Seungyoun Jung, one of the researchers said the increased breast density increases the risk of breast cancer. This study could be a breakthrough in determining one of the factors leading to the disease in adulthood.

Although the study resulted in an interesting revelation, there were certain limitations. The participants were a small group of people, mainly whites, limiting the exposure of the experiment. Scientists admitted that there could be other factors related to breast density, which could have influenced the result. Finally, the source of fat consumed in the adolescent period could be of good components.

Jung said more that all important world can take home message from this study is that maintaining a healthy diet routine from an early age is important. You can have detrimental effects or beneficial consequences in later life. Eating a nutritious diet can protect one of the chronic problems, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The research was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

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