Sarsaparilla natural treatments

852745-Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla is a plant that is used in many home remedies for its medicinal properties

sarsaparilla is a medicinal plant that grows in Europe, Africa and America and is often used as a treatment for rheumatism, arthritis and flu States.

home remedies tonics with sarsaparilla
to take advantage of the cleaning properties of sarsaparilla just bring to boil 2 grams of plant root per cup of water. Once this is done, you remove from heat, cover and preparation allowed to stand for 15 minutes, at which point it is ready to be filtered and ingested prior endulzándolo if desired.

is enough to take a small cup of this tea a day.
Another home remedy depurativo with sarsaparilla requires a more laborious preparation.

boiled for half an hour at medium heat, in three liters of water, a mixture of medicinal plants that contain 20 grams of sarsaparilla root, 20 g of licorice, 20 grams of gentian, 50 grams of burdock and 125 grams of Taraxacon. Once filtered and two daily cups sweetened prepared will be taken for a few days.

natural for flu, colds and rheumatic pains Remdios
The following home remedy with sarsaparilla is based on the use of the sweat properties of this plant, so for a greater efficiency should take it just before bedtime.

Just make an infusion with 10 grams of sarsaparilla root per cup of water and drink while still hot. In case of preparing an amount greater than output, the liquid must be heated slightly just before being swallowed.

Natural treatment for arthritis with sarsaparilla
it is boiled for about twenty minutes over medium heat in a liter of water 35 grams of sarsaparilla root and 5 saponaria root grams. After filtering the liquid and sweeten to taste two cups a day are taken.

This treatment serves both to relieve specific enough to be used in the treatment of arthritis pain longer, but yes, that is not used as a remedy for chronic treatment.

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