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Samantha Monus is a fitness expert, model and personal trainer who offers a line of supplements nutritional – as protein powders and probiotics – available for sale online. Here is our review of the product line Samantha Monus.

Who is Samantha Monus?

Samantha Monus is a personal trainer, model and fitness expert that offers a variety of health products for sale online.

Over the years, Samantha has appeared in magazines such as Elle, while also selling products through its official website,

around Samantha page says his passion is to help others to “live life to the fullest … in the best way they can possibly be … inside and out.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the lineup Samantha Monus of nutritional supplements.

Samantha mõnus Supplements

Samantha Monus sells about a dozen different nutritional supplements designed to achieve different nutritional goals. Many of the supplements emphasize cleanliness and good digestive health. Samantha also sells its own protein powder (which is also sold through Amazon).

Adaptogen Complex ($ 25)

This supplement claims to support hormonal balance by “reducing hormones that are too high and increased hormones that are too low.” By taking the daily supplement, can support the physical and mental capacity while reducing fatigue.

astaxanthin Advantage ($ 27)

This supplement is sold through the online store Samantha Monus but actually is made by Purium. The supplement uses astaxanthin main ingredient, which it claims is more powerful antioxidant nature and has 550 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E. By taking every day, you can combat damage free radicals throughout the body while also supporting tissue health and protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays damage.

Amino Acid Protein Master pattern ($ 68)

This amino protein powder is made 100% vegetarian protein predigested not derived from soy legumes.

Samantha Monus Chocolate / Vanilla whey protein Lite ($ 48)

Samantha sells these two protein powder on Amazon. Each container 48 contains 14 parts $ protein, which is relatively expensive for a protein powder. 2 A portion (52 g) contains 21 grams scoop protein, 190 calories, and a mixture of more than a dozen amino acids. Protein claims to represent “an extraordinary advance in body composition / weight control formulations of functional foods.” In Amazonas, protein powder has a perfect rating of 5 stars. However, there are only 13 comments and many of the reviews seem to be suspiciously positive.

Aulterra ($ 30)

Aulterra is a homeopathic treatment designed to combat chaotic energy and different frequencies of electromagnetic fields (EMF) around you. The product description states that the product uses a “combination of homeopathic activated form of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of EMF exposure in man-made human DNA.” The device is designed to be installed on the back of the phone, to neutralize EMF.

Renew Hair ($ 30)

This mixture of ingredients herbal and vegetables provides your body with collagen you need to healthy support hair, skin and nails . It is intended to give you a younger looking skin while help with stress relief.

complex adrenal ($ 20)

Adrenal Complex is compatible with adrenal exhaustion while improving the body’s ability to regulate stress, cardiovascular health, healthy bowel function, and other processes.

CoQ10 Carnitine Fumarate ($ 80)

This capsule supplement 120 claims to combine fumarate L-carnitine to support mitochondrial energy production and muscle energy of heart health best overall cardiovascular.

Green First place ($ 45)

This mixture of 49 Superfoods, extracts and concentrates, gives you your daily dose of green healthy . Mix a tablespoon of water or a smoothie to enjoy a great tasting instant mix – according to the manufacturer. There is also a green vegetable Greens First Berry version that emphasizes berries and fruits on .

muscle Detox ($ 35)

While another Samantha Monus detox your digestive system, this supplement is committed to detoxify your muscles with a fast-acting formula that contains a combination of herbs and other natural ingredients.

Supercritical 200 billion probiotics ($ 30)

This Probiotic formula contains 200 billion probiotics in a quickie dissolve. The powder was taken for 7 days to increase the functionality of the digestive system. The supplement claims to be ideal for during and after a period of great cleansing.

last plant Max 50 billion ($ 40)

With 50 billion active probiotic cultures in each capsule, Ultimate Flora Max promises to be ideal for people with critical problems probiotic. take it every day supports digestive health and immune .

As you can see, Samantha online store sells a variety of Monus made by both Samantha Monus products as well as other individuals and companies. All these products are available for purchase directly through the website Samantha Monus (although protein powders are also available for sale at

In general, products that follow the themes of life and natural homeopathic ingredients. Highlights include being vegetarian-friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

Private Education and Welfare Samantha Monus

In addition to its line of nutritional supplements, Samantha private training and consultation sessions being sold.

Private Training

Samantha offers private home or place of training sessions from $ 150 Sessions range from 1 to 2 hours. During a session, Samantha custom designs a comprehensive training “fusion” designed for the unique needs of your body. She likes to include activities such as kickboxing, sports conditioning, dance, yoga, and pilates.

Consultation welfare

welfare consultations Samantha guide you through a diet program and specialized exercises that are designed specifically for your body type and personality. Prices start at $ 200 and include an assessment of fitness.

to schedule a private training session or wellness visit with Samantha, fill out the contact form here:

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