Sailuotong – Herbal Remedy For Vascular Dementia

Chinese New Sailuotong herbal remedy may reduce the risk of vascular dementia

Vascular dementia is a condition that affects million worldwide. A new compound of traditional Chinese medicine called Sailuotong recently demonstrated for the treatment of vascular dementia. Here is all you need to know about this new groundbreaking study.

What is Sailuotong?

Sailuotong is a compound of Chinese medicine that comes in the form of a capsule. Depending on the source, sometimes written with capital letters as SaiLuoTong or for short SLT.

The compound is composed of three different compounds, including:

– Panax Ginseng
Ginkgo Biloba
– Crocus sativus

you’ve probably heard of the first two ingredients :. Both Panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba are popular herbal remedies that have been used in recent years

You may not have heard of Crocus sativus, however. That’s just the taxonomic official name for the plant is saffron. In some sources, you will see that third ingredient listed simply as saffron.

This is the theory that this formula has potent neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-hypertensive properties, which is why it is subjected to considerable research right now.

The first clinical trials in animals

In a recent clinical trial, Sailuotong was proved effective in the treatment of animals with vascular dementia. In this test, the compound shown to increase cerebral blood flow and improve Alzheimer’s disease symptoms related to placebo.

researchers cultured encouraged by the potential future uses for Sailuotong, when the researchers decided to support clinical trials in humans.

human trials in Sailuotong

After the initial test animals, Sailuotong moved to human trials in which participants were randomized to receive either Sailuotong or a placebo for 1 week. The study involved 16 healthy adults.

participants were told to complete computerized neurocognitive testing and also had their EEG activity recorded while other tests are performed.

Ultimately, Sailuotong significantly better than placebo performance. You can see the full results of the study here . Participants were measured in their response times, time of recollection, and other cognitive metrics.

Researchers in the study concluded that:.

“Although the effects were small, SLT improved visuospatial short-term memory and working memory Importantly SLT also increased auditory amplitude P3a, a neural correlate of memory processes work. the findings are consistent with previous research, and suggest that SLT could potentially improve memory function in healthy volunteers, however, size is needed larger sample to prove it. “

in other words, it was shown that Sailuotong improve memory and cognitive functions in healthy adults through numerous cognitive tests. However, the sample size was so small (16 adults) that more research is needed before these results can be considered anywhere near conclusive.

The study was published by Elsevier Korea LLC and funded by the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine.

Current treatments for vascular dementia is not doing the job

One of the reasons why Sailuotong studies are so innovative is because the current medical treatments for vascular dementia are inadequate:

“pharmaceutical current pharmacological treatments for vascular dementia are ineffective because they do not address the multiple factors associated with the disease,”

says Associate Professor Chang, who he specializes in pharmacology and clinical research.

“But in Chinese medicine, the combination of several herbal compounds that work together to deal with different causes and symptoms of a disease is common.”

More than 200 Australians are currently undergoing clinical trials in a Sailuotong

In early December 2015, it was announced that more than 200 Australians with dementia soon to join one of the largest clinical trials in the world to Sailuotong.

You can learn more about the clinical trial here .

Worldwide 47.5 million people have dementia. Sailuotong has shown early to improve blood flow to the brain promise. After more clinical trials with a larger number of participants is complete, we will be able to see whether or not Sailuotong really lives up to the promise

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