Running Out of Zyrtec on a Remote Island Causes a Crisis

Some drugs can be unexpectedly difficult to quit smoking. By now, most people realize that benzodiazepine as alprazolam ( Xanax ) or lorazepam ( Ativan ) used to treat anxiety can cause symptoms of distressing withdrawal if they are stopped abruptly.

Another class of drugs is characterized by causing a difficult syndrome withdrawal consisting of pills Z sleep : eszopiclone ( Lunesta ), zaleplon ( Sonata ) and zolpidem ( Ambien ). And, of course, people expect withdrawal symptoms to discontinue a narcotic analgesic or tramadol , which is not considered a typical narcotic when first introduced.

Lower Zyrtec is harder than it seems:

But there are other medications that can cause problems if they stop suddenly, and the reaction can take people by surprise. This reader found a withdrawal reaction cetirizine ( Zyrtec ) many others have reported to us. It is not yet recognized in the official prescribing information, however.

P I live on a remote island in the South Pacific, which is almost a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles. A week ago I ran out of Zyrtec.

Itching to stop Zyrtec:

Over the next four days I have experienced some of the worst symptoms of urticaria and itching in my life. Benadryl was my only relief, and three works is difficult enough without the Benadryl causes drowsiness.

Then I read all the stories on its website about people experiencing unbearable itching when they stopped Zyrtec. Immediately I ran out of the only place on the island that sells Zyrtec and found immediate relief.

When I’m ready to take the step to stop Zyrtec, at least I have an idea of ​​what kind of punishment to expect.

A. We have received many reports of pruritus and urticaria associated with stop cetirizine (Zyrtec) to contact the FDA was established. The agency has not responded.

run Zyrtec:

Like you, most people do not realize that the execution of Zyrtec may cause prolonged itching. If enough people say the FDA about this complication, perhaps a warning be included on the label. The best way to report an adverse drug reaction that is .

We believe that cetirizine may be useful in controlling allergy symptoms in the short term or periodically for a few days. But before anyone starts taking this medicine everyday for weeks or months, you should be warned that running out of Zyrtec could be a very difficult experience.

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