Rise In Animal Deformities Linked To Monsanto’s Glyphosate, The World’s Top-Selling Pesticide

At the site near the northeast of Argentina, many animals were born with deformities. Veterinary opinion is the supernatural spirit is the reason. The researchers said that there is no relationship between the deformities and increased consumption of glyphosate.


Expert Don Huber wrote:

“It is well documented that glyphosate promotes soil pathogens and is already implicated with the increase of more than 40 diseases plants; dismantles plant defenses by chelating vital nutrients, and reduces the bioavailability of nutrients in the feed, which in turn can cause disturbances of animal origin, “

in the world had animals born with very thin skin that were visible throughout the organism.

“It was a bit similar, but also strikingly different from the other puppies, so he realized that was somewhat distorted way and at first I thought he was dead,” Eduardo said, the owner of the puppy . “But then I saw him move and try to feed, so he helped the mother and managed to drink, but it’s nose kept on the road.”

That puppy had more attention than anyone else.

“I was he surprised by how quickly word spread and a lot of people are coming round to look at the little puppy, and take pictures and videos,” he added. “One of the children who came round said it looked like a character from the movie Harry Potter and that’s what everyone is calling in the local media.

“I’m worried if there might be something in the air or on the ground or water causing this as we live only 15 kilometers (9 miles) away from the town where the last mutant who seemed born to the character Potter. One of the pigs in my bunk was normal, but the other was a mutant monster, “said Eduardo.

Worldwide there are more of these deformities and the number is increasing. we have to stop this, but first the main reason for its action will be defined.

“There is enough scientific evidence in Argentina and the rest of the world showing with absolute certainty the damage of the herbicide does to our ecosystem and health of humans and animals when used intensively in food production “Silvana Bujan, director of environmental NGO Bios Argentina told the MailOnline.” There is evidence that the exchange of goods pasture to genetically modified soya as well as traces in the air, water and pastures that are ingested, they could very well be one of the decisive factors in hormonal and genetic changes in animals. “

” Since it was clear that it would have reached a qualified majority a vote is not held, “a Commission spokesman told Reuters.

Source: http://www.deprogramyourself.org/2016/08/rise-in-animal-deformities-linked-to.html

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