Rise and Shine: How to Revamp Your Morning Routine

Kelsey Murphy is a professional and personal trainer. His passion is to help people build a life filled with fulfillment, success and great relationships. You can find it in KelseyMurphy.com . Today Kelsey is sharing her tips on getting the most out of your New Year’s resolutions and remodeling your morning routine …

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Hey readers LC! It is Kelsey Murphy here. I am here today to tell you that if you only have room for a new year resolution should be this: Create a new morning routine. In the morning, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. And I’m not talking about jam and milk 5 am hours of run 10 miles, meditation, and the demolition of green juice. I’m talking about simple daily rituals that can change everything from the closeness you feel with people in your life, to go on this adventure you can not stop dreaming.

It starts with the simple concept of a morning routine. Mornings are our moment of truth. They are raw and honest; a time when we are not distracted by our daily lives, to do list. In the morning, we can really face ourselves and focus on meaningful things. Think of it as the time to reflect on things, not only really important, “she should get up an hour earlier to exercise,” things. Mornings are the best and most sacred part of our days and must start with intent.

Therefore, I am challenging to make 2016 the year of his movement, love and meaning. This will be a year when you wake up your life and create the things you really want. Therefore, set the alarm 15 minutes earlier tomorrow and read my tips below to create your perfect morning routine, significant that feel so charming and completely second nature within 30 days. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

We're taking a tip from professional Kelsey Murphy on how to make our mornings brighter!

What are the five secrets to make this work? I’m so glad you asked …

1. Start with the way you want to feel.

Release the unimportant I- should -do-this objective and start listening to the way you really want to feel. At the end of the day, all we do is driven by the desire to feel a certain way. We want to feel good, happy, loved, valued, intelligent, accomplished, attractive, desired. Get very clear on how you feel, then create a morning routine around that. You may realize that running marathon that is not so important for you this year as thought-it could be something deeper, like feeling more love and closeness with your partner.

2. A mere 15 minutes is all it takes.

Sometimes, when change or something new is introduced into our lives, we are going at full speed and try to shoot for the stars. Then, when not immediately reach that goal as fast as we want, we feel overwhelmed and leave. We often forget that we have to learn to walk before we can run. When training for a marathon, you can start with 30 miles? No. Start slowly. Small steps and small moments are the things that make the big steps and the great moments of life.

This week, we will learn to walk before you get overwhelmed about the race. To begin, scheduling 15 minutes to you tomorrow morning. You will feel safe in kicking this routine with a simple, yet powerful intention 15 minutes reserved for that .

3. The night before “trigger.”

all started with good intentions for our morning routines, but things will come up and our motivation is renunciation. So here’s a little secret that will enable success even before cracking the eyelids in the morning. “Triggering night before” Create yourself a There are fancy pants science behind the fact that we need a signal in order to create new habits, so let’s create one.

We’re foggy, tired, and yes, a little cranky in the morning. We do not need nothing but work against us … like finding training shoes, or find ways to meditate. We need figured out the night before. My triggers include generally preparing the cute workout clothes, programming my morning routine in my iCal, and put a delicious candle and matches out on my desk. What are the triggers?

4. Beauty.

This is my favorite part. It is using the fine china, and carrying more attractive (but comfortable) underwear. It is looking forward to your mornings with a deep breath and smile giant-love-this time man me. I realize that we can not always use the fine porcelain dishes and have kids and all kinds of excuses, but find that it is important to feel a little pampered at times. Get yourself a delicious fresh cup of coffee or a beautiful new magazine your favorite designer for your practice of gratitude. Let’s start making your routine so wonderful morning it would be sad to lose.

5. Inspire those around you.

We, all new morning routines just created in our whiskey and work group. Some were intense and physical, others were soft and emotional, but all were powerful and inspiring. That’s the thing-your morning routine so it is unique to you. Some of the girls began to share this new effort around their offices and realized how were the other intrigued. So much so that his coworkers actually started creating new morning routines themselves. It was that contagious.

I am sharing my morning routine this month with the ladies of whiskey and work together with one of my favorite inspirational friends, BeWellByKelly . Who will share with yours?

Will you create a morning routine that will set your day on fire with love and intention?

I can not wait to hear it, so let me know in the comments!

Xx, Kelsey

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