Rick Simpson Healed 5000 People! This Is The Recipe That Kills Every Tumor In 90 Days !!!

Although representatives of medicine standing firmly in its statement that the marijuana is a harmful drug Canadian Rick Simpson dedicated his life and career to prove otherwise – marijuana can try! After he cured himself with oil seed Cannabis sativa, successfully saved 5,000 lives of patients with cancer.

Rick Simpson is an activist advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana, leading people about the healing powers of cannabis oil for nearly a decade.

Rick was cured of metastatic skin cancer in 2003, and has since dedicated his life to spreading the truth about cannabis sativa oil. much opposition and criticism from the Canadian authorities and pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and health administrations faced the United Nations. However, Rick Simpson successfully cured 5,000 patients, free of charge, and believes that all forms of diseases and infections are curable. He claims that his invention can cure all types of cancer and other diseases, believed not found a cure.

His view is that all the opposition against him is a conspiracy against holistic medicine and pharmaceutical companies, doctors and government departments of Medicine have enormous benefits of treating headless patients who are not cheaper and at the same time, more effective ways of treatment. The fact is that medicine needs healthy or dead, sick or need as long as possible in order to receive expensive therapies. Cure for cancer would have killed her ‘s “good business worth billions of dollars.

Rick patients treated with all kinds of infections and diseases such as AIDS, cancer, arthritis, chronic multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, asthma, migraine, body weight regulation, and mutant cells pain (polipsi tumors). most patients were cured successfully that AIDS, which, of course, the oil used to relieve pain.

for him and his discovery and a documentary called “Run from the cure” directed by Christian Laurette was filmed. the film was intended to help raschue story of Rick Simpson. the film includes interviews with people who have been cured of oil Rick, but were rebuffed when they wanted to testify on his behalf in the Supreme Court of Canada in the trial of 2007. this document the medical benefits of cannabis sativa oil and hashish are written.

“I want everyone to know how to heal themselves.” – Simpson, the creator of the miraculous oil

said is believed that oral intake of this oil destroys cancer cells in the body. Depending on how it is used, sativa oil (ing. Hemp oil) can cure various skin diseases, such as melanoma.

However, like any other “drug” too much of this oil can cause side effects. The most common effects are hunger, happiness and unnatural drowsiness. Compared with the hundreds of drugs that are approved, this alternative medicine is extremely safe and effective.

The action and effectiveness of Rick Simpson discovery was recently confirmed by a study by the International Association for the variety in medicine (IMVA) in Spain.

run from the cure – full documentary oil marijuana

Rick Simpson talks about the miraculous effect of oil pot

How oil Rick Simpson marijuana works


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