Re:Vive Organic Beauty Vino Red Grape Extract Cleanser

Re:Vive Organic Beauty Vino Red Grape Extract Cleanser

Since I am a regular drinker and cheerful wine, due entirely, of course, a respect for the antioxidant benefits of a grape component called resveratrol. People who regularly drink moderate amounts of red wine tend to have 20-30% percent fewer cases of coronary heart disease. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Along with my flexible definition of moderate.

So when Re: Vive Beauty Organic came my way with a cleaner called Wine Grape Extract Cleaner ($ 26.50), my first reaction was “I’ll drink to that” . This creamy cleanser has a base of aloe, coconut oil, chamomile and green tea. Re:. Lives is a spa based in Wisconsin with a product line of skin care “from farm to face”

My first impression of the cleaning certainly seemed that VAT to face with a delicious aroma fermented grape. It reminded me, not unpleasant, the best and oldest friend. Not that does not get the wrong idea; eau de vin is not your choice of perfume. For about a decade he had a very honorable shot of creating a vineyard – a tricky business indeed almost insurmountable climate in the south of England (who doubt global warning can rejoice). Anyway, an autumnal aroma of fermented fruit always slightly hung over the place.

After a couple of days, no longer felt nostalgic for the rolling meadows of Kent. As I made my morning ritual cleaning Re: Vive, fermented grape was beginning to look like a euphemism for cheap plonk. A few days later, it struck me suddenly in another memory. Call it the day after-the-night-before. You know the sour smell of the last drops of wine at the bottom of one-too-many glass was left on the kitchen counter overnight.

I have a pretty high tolerance fragrance products skin care and usually testing a product and give it the benefit of the doubt. The problem here is that my cleaner reminded me with every use of a hangover. This was not, by definition, cleansing. It was not even a guilty pleasure. I would wash my face and feel vaguely dirty and guilty pleasure without the part. Heck, even undeservedly. By the time he had begun to think of him as my “cleaner Surf” I had to admit that this was not for me.

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