Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth Decay with This Powerful Tooth Mask!

can cure tooth decay and cavities naturally reverse with homemade recipes.

These recipes are part of readily available products that are natural and effective way to kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities, while whitening teeth.

While it is expected that you should consider eating foods that improve the health of your teeth as foods rich in vitamin D and K2 such as chicken . It is also recommended that in addition to using this recipe and eat good foods for your oral health, oil must be carried out by pulling at least three times a week for 15 minutes each time.

dental floss should also be part of your oral health routine regularly especially at night before bed.

End refined sugar and processed foods that are bad for your teeth.

Here are simple recipes to improve your oral health;

1. turmeric, clove oil and coconut oil Mask Recipe for bright teeth teeth


  • Coconut Oil – ¼ teaspoon
  • Clove essential oil – 2 drops
  • turmeric – ¼ teaspoon
  • salt – a pinch (optional)


  • andvincorporate get a bowl all the ingredients in the glass.
  • Apply the mixture on your toothbrush and brush.
  • Wait for about five minutes then brush again.
  • Then wash your teeth with warm water.

2. Use baking soda and mint Recipe teeth whitening


  • Peppermint Essential Oil – 1 drop
  • Baking soda – ½ teaspoon
  • Lemon Juice – 2 drops
  • dried mint powder – ¼ tsp (optional)


  • Get a small bowl and add all ingredients.
  • Put the mixture into the toothbrush and applied to the teeth, brush normally.
  • Wait for about three minutes and then rinse with warm water.

3. Brush with clay, activated charcoal and the mixture licorice

Within two weeks of using this recipe your teeth will be very white, use this recipe once a week, though.


  • root licorice powder – ¼ teaspoon
  • Activated Carbon – ½ teaspoon
  • Food Grade bentonite clay powder – pinch
  • sweet orange essential oil -1 drop (optional)


  • Incorporate all ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Put the mixture on the toothbrush and brush as normal.
  • Use hot water to wash the teeth after waiting for three minutes water.
  • Then you can use the toothbrush to brush your teeth once again.

A word of caution:

just make sure that when using these recipes not swallow. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed also not be used.

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