Research-proven : Cinnamon regulates your blood sugar

It’s Ironically, a spice associated with drip excess icing sugar and cinnamon rolls, is actually a deterrent to excessive blood sugar and insulin resistance, which result in potentially disastrous consequences for health .

Moreover, perhaps without realizing it was meant to be with sticky cinnamon rolls. Some Ayurvedic practitioners recommend mixing cinnamon with smaller cardamom and nutmeg to mitigate negative attributes of coffee amounts.

What is impressive about cinnamon is the recent history of scientific research showing its attributes mimicking insulin and blood sugar control.

Some samples of research of these studies

In 2012, the University of West London in the United Kingdom conducted a meta-analysis of six carefully looked for purposes of evidence from clinical trials intake cinnamon 2 diabetes-glucose levels, which is the form of diabetes involving insulin resistance rather than insufficient pancreatic insulin production.

The six trials covered a total of 435 diabetic patients who test blood sugar is made from 40 days to four months after consuming cinnamon supplements daily. The dose is varied, one gram to six grams of cinnamon daily.

The meta-search trial was trials testing blood glucose proper, which is carried out 40 days four months from the baseline.

His chosen assays employ both plasma glucose (FPG) test and HbA1c test, which determines the amount of glucose sticks to the blood cells to represent an average blood sugar three months.

It was observed that the mean glucose levels were significantly reduced, leading to this research team concluded that the use of cinnamon for glycemic control is promising. [1] [1a]

An earlier meta-analysis isolated five diabetes-2 human randomized controlled trials and three trials of effect of glucose cinnamon nondiabetic took place in 2009 at the University Thames Valley in the United Kingdom.

Three of the trials studied had negligible results, forcing the team to conclude:
“While definitive conclusions can not be drawn regarding the use of cinnamon as a therapy against diabetes, which does have antidiabetic properties …. more research is needed to … to assess the potential to reduce pathogenic diabetic complications with cinnamon supplements “. [2]

seems that may have been a set-up for research crew west London, which was less ambiguous about their findings through tests conducted after 2009.

also in 2009, but here in Waco, Texas, USA, a research team at the University of Baylor seemed as evidence that acute sleep loss often results in insulin resistance and glucose intolerance similar -2 diabetes patients.

was determined that supplementation of cinnamon “facilitates the removal of glucose in healthy humans.” Cinnamon complement mechanically generates increased insulin sensitivity from signaling proteins and / or a conveyor sensitive to insulin in muscle cells glucose.

The conclusion Baylor. “Because the peripheral insulin resistance is primarily a consequence of the reduced sensitivity muscle insulin, cassia and C. cassia [cinnamon] extracts may attenuate the insulin resistance and glucose intolerance observed after sleep loss “[3]

wait, there’s more

MD Canadian Jarret Morrow wrote an interesting article that covers some other trials in diabetics using two or three grams of cinnamon daily for 12 weeks, which not only showed decreased blood sugar, but decreased diastolic and systolic readings of blood pressure as well. [4]

Well, two or three grams of cinnamon powder light can be more than one occasionally sprinkle on your cereal or half a teaspoon in coffee.

But if you have any symptoms of metabolic syndrome (blood sugar, blood pressure, overweight) or if you have any pre-diabetic concern, it may be time to increase your intake of cinnamon, while decreasing consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates.

If you are diabetic, adding that the regime can help lower drug over time. bulk organic cinnamon is not expensive. And clinical trials in humans have shown their merits mimicking insulin. In addition, you should not eat all that sticky sweet stuff anyway.

Sources for this article include:
[4] http: //www.jarretmorrow. com

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