Res-Q 1250 – Omega 3 Fish Oil Rich in EPA & DHA?

Res-Q is an alignment of omega-3 nutritional supplements available in liquid and capsule. Here is our opinion Res-Q.

What is Res-Q?

Res-Q is an omega-3 supplement containing 750-850 mg of acids omega-3 fatty in each capsule.

The supplement comes from one source “distilled, ultra-purified” in Norway and claims to be the absence of flavored fish oil.

Its price is around $ 41 for a supply of 200 capsules.

There are a number of different products Res-Q available today, all of which claim to help unlock the “sea power”. These supplements contain mostly servings 1250 grams (though not all is fatty acids). The company also manufactures a Res-Q Calamarine supplement.

can take Res-Q as a liquid or a capsule. The supplement is made by a family business based in Pennsylvania.

How does Res-Q work?

Res-Q claims to use omega fatty acids to benefit your body in 8 different ways, including:

– A healthy heart
– Triglycerides
– Circulation
– Natural Inflammatory Response
– Set of mobility and flexibility
– brain and eye health
– general health and welfare
– Mood

These effects are created by the omega-3 concentrates, including a good dose of EPA and DHA in each serving. There are a total of 750 mg of both omega-3 in total in each capsule, including 390-430 mg of EPA and 300 to 325 mg of DHA.

Where omega-3 fatty acids come from?

The omega 3 fatty acids in Res-Q come from Norwegian waters. The company claims that fish catches cold water in deep ocean areas off Norway.

So the fish are taken to a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility in the fjords of Norway, where they are subjected to a

“extensive purification process that includes molecular distillation to remove contaminants such as PCBs, dioxins and heavy metals such as mercury. ”

Each batch is then tested by an independent third party to ensure that it is free of toxins and other hazards.

The end result is a fish oil which aims to keep cool and no taste of fish oil. Each supplement also has a lemon / lime flavor added to give the capsule (or liquid) a pleasant taste.

Res-Q 1250 pricing

The supplement core Res-Q, Res-Q-1250 Omega 3 fish oil comes in a pack of 200 soft gelatin capsules and has priced at $ 41 for a bottle.

The supplement also is priced at $ 36.40 in autoship program , it locks in receipt of a shipment of Res-Q each month (though you can cancel at any moment).

All purchases come with a satisfaction guarantee 100%. That means you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason.

Res-Q 1250 Ingredients

Res-Q Ingredients


Res-Q publishes its complete list of ingredients online. You can see that the list of ingredients here:

About Res-Q

Res-Q claims to have been “help the hearts of more than 30 years.” The brand is owned by N3 Oceanic, Inc. The original Res-Q 1250 omega-3 fish oil capsules were ultra-purified first supplement company, and who claim to have sold more than 2 million bottles worldwide to the date.

The company and located in eastern Pennsylvania family owned.

You can contact the company by phone at 1-800-262-5483 or by email at [email protected]

postal address of the company is:

N3 Oceanic, Inc.
404 Main St
Pennsburg, PA 18073

N3 Oceanic was founded in 1986.

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