Remove Bacteria From Your Fruits And Veggies By Adding a Teaspoon of This

If you believe that there is no need to clean fruits and vegetables, as those produced conventionally, as they are not covered with pesticides or chemicals, which could make a big mistake.

that is, although not grown as conventional fruits and vegetables, which may contain other things on the surface. They can be grown with natural fertilizers and soil enhancers, including humus, manure and bone meal.

Therefore, it would be useful to make your own natural scrub fruits and vegetables, use baking soda.

is a natural element, sodium bicarbonate, which is often in a form dissolved mineral sources of mineral water. Baking soda is affordable and can be easily found. What’s best of all is that it is a biopesticide, which prevents the growth of certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.

should add a teaspoon of it in a little water in order to obtain a pasty mixture, which will effectively clean your vegetables and fruits.

The preparation is quick and easy:

  • Just add a few tablespoons of baking soda 1-2 cups of water, and mix well.
  • Then the mixture is poured into a spray bottle, or in a bowl. With a scrub brush, cleaning products.
  • Remember to rinse with water after, in order to wash any residual sodium bicarbonate.

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