Remedies with Lupine

14361533-Lupine Lupine, legume whose healing properties justify their use as a home remedy for abscesses and problems skin

legume lupine is adequate for very healthy for human consumption, which in some countries, like China, is highly prized for its medicinal properties.

lupine seeds and medicinal applications
The part of using lupine plant is always the same: the seeds. And lupins natural treatments can be made as described below.

Remedy abscesses

To relieve discomfort from an abscess simply crush a handful of dried lupins, mixed with a little water and prepare a poultice They are applied hot, with a cloth on the affected area.
will stop for a few minutes.

aids home treatments for diabetes with lupines
lupins help control glucose levels. In addition to taking advantage of its benefits by including it in the diet you can make a tea with 5 grams of dried lupins per cup of water or roast the seeds are ground and used as a coffee substitute.

To see the benefits of lupins as adjuncts in the treatment of diabetes is essential to be constant. These treatments are for use for long periods or, if desired, chronically.

remedy for skin diseases with lupines does
few decades in Mediterranean countries prepared a home remedy to treat some eczema, skin slough, etc. To do this about 25 grams of lupins were boiled in a liter of water, a mild liquid seeped time and a cup of vinegar added. With this preparation rubbing or washing they were conducted in the affected areas.

Note: Although effective and safe, this home remedy is not suitable for any skin condition, for example in the case of atopic dermatitis is counterproductive for vinegar. It is more indicated in cases of seborrheic dermatitis.

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