Rejuvify – Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream

skin cream Rejuvify is a cream for skin anti-aging claims to be better than the Botox to reduce wrinkles. Here’s our opinion.

What is Rejuvify?

Rejuvify is a recently published anti-aging skin cream that resembles many other products for skin care in the market today.

Yes, this is another anti-aging skin cream that advertises a “ free trial ” only to turn around and charge around $ 100 for a small bottle of cream moisturizing.

Rejuvify claims to have been presented in the mainstream media as NBC and Bravo. It claims to be better than Botox. It aims to increase its production of collagen by 95% and diminish wrinkles and fine lines by 84%. He also claims that is recommended by dermatologists real across America.

Clearly, the manufacturer makes a series of bold statements about Rejuvify and their ingredients. So are any of these claims really true? Let’s see how this cream works.

How Rejuvify work?

Rejuvify purporting to act as a moisturizer super powered :. The ingredients will work immediately moisturizing the skin, while other ingredients of the cream deeper dive into the skin to increase collagen and elastin

elastin and collagen are two molecules of skincare critics who play a key role in skin youth. As the body ages, the production of skin collagen and elastin decreases. By applying daily Rejuvify, you can supposedly restore production levels of collagen and elastin I had when I was younger.

Some of the ingredients used in the cream include the patented technology of the biosphere in combination with the delivery system QuSome.

Biofil These areas are composed of natural wheat protein to allow slow release of nutrients after the cream is applied to skin. Wheat also allegedly acts as a sponge, absorbing moisture in the skin and helping to maintain hydration.

Beyond that, we do not know much about Rejuvify or how it works.

This delivery system QuSome and spheres Biofil, incidentally, can be found in many other anti-aging skin on the market today creams. It is not a single technology. The creators have licensed the technology to many manufacturers of skin cream, so you can find in skin creams that are currently sold online dozens.

The formula also includes some kind of complex vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a key role in healthy and elastic. Product packaging for Rejuvify includes a photo of an orange, although it is unclear whether vitamin C in the formula is a natural extract or is synthesized from an artificial formula.

Rejuvify pricing

Rejuvify has a policy of very misleading prices. The manufacturer announced a major “trial offer” across the sales page for Rejuvify place.

This trial offer is advertised as a cost of only $ 4.95 “Shipping”. In reality, however, the trial will end up costing much more than that.

The problem with Rejuvify lies hidden in the small print at the bottom of the sales page. This letter is written in very small and light gray -. So the manufacturer has deliberately tried to hide it from clients while legally protected

This is what the text says:

“By registering your trial offer , credit card provided, a fee for shipping and handling of $ 4.95 or $ 2.95 will be charged. your shipment will go out of our facilities within 2 business days. actual delivery time of the plot varies by region, but is generally within 3-4 business days. If you contact the customer service at 1-888-493-9942 to cancel their inclusion in the trial within 14 days of purchase intial trial, will not be charged anything else. If not canceled within 14 days of purchase intial trial, you will be charged the same card that has already provided the full product cost of $ 96.47 and you enroll in our Autoship program, which will send a monthly supply fresh the product and charge your card $ 96.47 every 30 days. “

Basically, if you do not return your skin cream within 15 days, then will be charged the selling price full of $ 96.47. Then it will continue to be charged the full retail price each month until you cancel.

is certainly misleading to the manufacturer Rejuvify assume you love so much the product you wish to receive shipments of him for the rest of his life. .

Unfortunately, the scam test is the only way to buy Rejuvify can not be purchased at a flat rate from the official manufacturer or any other distributor

. Note: If you want to save money on shipping costs test, simply press the “back” button when you are on the order page. you will receive a notice that promises 70% shipping, reducing the price of $ 2.95.


Who does Rejuvify

Rejuvify is made by a California company based at the following address:

1055 W 7th Floor 33
Los Angeles, CA 90017

You can contact the manufacturer at 1-888-493-9942 or email [email protected] You will need to contact the manufacturer if you want to cancel your autoship program. Otherwise, it will continue to be billed monthly.

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