Rejuvel 3D: Community Reviews

Community Reviews

Through our program Dare to try a panel of eight members of the community were selected to test Rejuvel 3D ($ 149 in store) serum for six weeks. This innovative technology uses serum NASA-patented with a mission to deliver softer, smoother skin. But does it really work? Our employees weigh and share the good, the bad and the fabulous!

Stephanie C., 30s late

“I’ve been using Rejuvel 3D for more than 30 days and I’m very happy with how he has performed this product. This year I will forty and wanted to try something that possibly help with fine lines I’m seeing in larger amounts in the face. My skin type is dry and very sensitive. I am prone to breakouts and millia, unfortunately.

Rejuvel used as part of my morning routine and evening and I am happy to report that not irritate the skin at all. in fact, after a few weeks of use I noticed the lines around the mouth diminished and my skin was feeling and looking great. I did not feel the need to use a moisturizer on top of this product and my stay hydrated all day. I make use of two pumps to cover my face and neck, but someone with less dry skin could perhaps get away with one. The formula is light and absorbs very quickly without being greasy. I will continue using 3D Rejvel as part of my daily routine and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve your skin. “

Ann C., 40s

” I’m in my mid-40s with dry skin combating many of the signs of aging. 3D Rejuvel used for six weeks both day and night. The application of this product was wonderful, it is fragrance free, it is much lighter and absorbs immediately. Control precision airless container is the best I’ve used, and I needed a little dab or a complete pump. My only complaint about the sleek and shiny package is that you can not tell how much product remains.

Within a few days of using 3D Rejuvel could not believe he was sorry soften the skin. I asked my family to feel my face because I was so surprised. There was a definite improvement in the firmness, elasticity and skin moisture. Although I saw a visible reduction of lines on the forehead, which was much harder to see improvement in the deeper lines (of my 11). One of the pleasant surprises is that the pores (especially around the nose) were significantly less obstructed. It was however disappointed that I did not see any reduction in a dark spot. It is a great product, but for the price you would like to see more than Matrixyl 3000 and sodium hyaluronate as the only powerful ingredients. “

Ann C., 40

The first thing was unique about this product is the ease of having high expectations! We all know of many wonderful products that have resulted from NASA research, it is hard not to expect the best. I approached my test period aware of this trap and tried to be fair in my expectations.

There are some things that are unique and wonderful from my experience:

– How incredibly soft my skin is. No product has ever come close to that.

– clear improvement in firmness and elasticity

– n clogged pores. Always battle with clogged pores around my nose area. This is like a miracle cream.

-. The application is so easy, it’s free fragrance, is much lighter and is immediately absorbed into my skin

– The airless container is the best I have ever used. You can control the amount leaving, from a small to a full pump stroke.

– my skin looks healthy

– visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Karen P., last 50

“I have 58 years younger, my skin type varies from dry / normal winter for / Normal combination for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, my skin is not sensitive, so I am able to switch to new products. my concern now as I am getting older is that some flab has begun to establish. My hope and expectation for this cream was that it would offer to address this concern.

this is exactly what I experienced with the use of Rejuvel 3D. Al use as directed, morning and night after cleansing, I used a very small amount of product that was a long way. WOW … serious results. in just two weeks of continuous use, 3D Rejuvel had eliminated virtually any sagging associated with my marionette lines and on my cheeks and my skin was definitely softer. I attribute this to the fact that even though my skin is in perfect condition, which is aging, so my thinking is that it begins to work wear you need.

One important thing to think our readers should be aware, a little goes a long way. 3D used too Rejuvel on a couple of occasions and my face was oily or sometimes even plastic. Therefore, use this precious product in moderation.

What does this product it claims to do ??? WHETHER!! This product does things for my flab other products have failed to do. I would buy a replacement? Yes, I was going to buy. “

Cynthia B., early 60s

” I’m in my early 60s and my skin is pretty tough. I am toned medium and tan very easily. My skin is combination; more fat than dry but not react to the indoor environment, dry heat, etc. I have received more sunspots and some wrinkles as I aged. However, I would say my skin is in good condition.

I used Rejuvel 3D, morning and evening, for weeks. Product consistency is very nice; unscented which is great. The pump style packaging is one of the best I’ve seen. The instructions are clearly visible and legible black on gray background. The product makes my skin feel soft, but I have not seen any discernible difference in spots or wrinkles. I would not buy this product. “

Stacie R., late 30s

After using 3D Rejuvel in my 30 years of age sensitive, combination skin can report no change at all. I have concerns lines and dullness, but had no significant differences after 6 weeks. The product is certainly rich and moisturizing because I have not been in need of extra moisturizer on top. It has no smell something that is appreciated and is rapidly absorbed. I have incorporated this as the last step in my routine after toner. I do not buy this product as I can get cheap moisturizers that perform the same. Besides my normal serum provides remarkable to reducing my lines and dullness benefits.

Susan F., 40s

” I’m 49 with a great birthday looming in late July. I inherited good genes, but gravity begins to cause some chaos along my jaw and my skin is losing some volume and elasticity. I’ve noticed this along with some melasma that I have because of the need for hormone replacement therapy for osteopenia.

I found the 3D Rejuvel to be a godsend because I’m very busy. I have a hectic schedule as wife, mother and high school teacher. Rejuvel 3D is so easy to fit into my daily regimen, and is easily absorbed, it is a versatile product that can be mixed on the face, neck and neckline. It is odor-free, non-greasy, it leaves no residue and there are days when you do not feel the need to use any tinted moisturizer because it gives my skin a fresh glow! Dennis raw products I use and love; Rejuvel 3D is compatible with the other products we use.

My view is efficancy, ease of use and cost point. The Rejuvel 3D takes the place of some other products had been using and has recently been complemented me on my skin and the kind of person was surprised to hear it was 49! That, along with some of my students SA, who refuse to believe that he was born in 1966, or that I am older than your parents, you must think that I have the intention to continue using this staple of gravity fighting ! “

Bev B., early 60s

” As a woman in my early sixties, I am more than a little interest in any product that claims renewal of anything, especially the facial skin. I have combination skin with some sad remains of a past riddled with acne, so I’m always excited about a product that could soften the valleys these teenagers battle scars left behind.

After six weeks in the morning and evening diligent application would have to be honest and say that, even though we had a miracle, Rejuvel 3D never made the claim that six weeks of use give me a. My general impression that the product is positive. From packaging practical results, I think Rejuvel 3D has a lot going for it. It comes in impressively large silver cylinder and dispenses a small amount reliably, an important feature in the high price of $ 149.00 buckaroos 1.7 ounces of product. I liked the consistency of the cream: it is totally non-greasy and instantly seems to absorb into the skin so it is possible to apply makeup and get on with the day. No perceptible odor and because of the immediate absorption, there is no fear of losing the product.

During the trial definitely my skin felt softer, with a matte effect seemed lovely smooth wrinkles and scars some of those valleys that I mentioned. My personal opinion is that I would need a couple of months of constant use to determine if the product was doing what he says, the cell renewal. Unfortunately, the high price could keep me away from being able to do that. “

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