Regal Trim – Pure Green Coffee Pill For Weight Loss?

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Regal trim is a new diet pill that has recently launched online. It is said that using natural green coffee extract to support their weight loss goals. Here’s our opinion.

What is the Regal Trim?

Regal Trim is a diet pill that uses bean extract pure green coffee to support healthy weight loss. The natural formula is made in the United States and is available at a price of $ 99.96 for a supply of 30 days (it will automatically be charged this price after completing a test $ 4.96).

By taking a capsule of Regal Cut 2 to 3 times per day, the manufacturer claims it can “feel the transformation” as the pill “unleashes the true power of your metabolism,” which allows you to obtain the signature and lean physique that you deserve.

Regal Trim How does it work? Is it worth the price of $ 100? Let’s take a closer look.

How Regal adjustment work?

Each capsule contains 800 mg Regal adjustment formula. There is only one active ingredient listed. extract of green coffee beans (the only other ingredient listed is the gelatin plant origin, which is an inactive ingredient used to form the capsule)

The specific extract used Regal adjustment is called PuraViv GCA. The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule orally twice daily.

green coffee extract is certainly one of the ingredients of the hottest diet on the market today. But popularity does not necessarily mean it is the right choice to support your weight loss .

The key ingredient in the extract of green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids in green coffee extract are readily absorbed by the body, which has been linked to loss benefits slight weight .

traditional coffee, by the way, contains both chlorogenic acid. The acid was destroyed during the roasting process. extract of roasted green coffee never, so most of its chlorogenic acid remains intact.

According to , the green coffee extract has been shown to “slightly reduce body weight in overweight and obesity,” although the reasons for this loss are unknown weight and major studies not yet been made.

This site claims that most weight loss studies involving extract of green coffee beans have been used the following doses:

-1200 to 3000 mg of a supplement of 10 % chlorogenic acid

-600 to 1500 mg of a supplement of 20% chlorogenic acid

-240 to 600 mg of a supplement of 50% chlorogenic acid

whenever you use the green coffee bean, you’re aiming to get the maximum amount of chlorogenic acid. If I had to just take chlorogenic acid itself, the recommended dose would be 120 to 300 mg of chlorogenic acid.

Ultimately, studies on the health benefits of extract of green coffee beans are still few and far between, although most studies suggest small loss benefits supplements weight when green coffee beans are taken.

is also important to note that the adjustment Regal tells us chlorogenic acid concentration within each capsule. We know there formula 800mg in each capsule, but not know the concentration of that formula.

Typically, manufacturers advertise the concentration of active ingredients such as chlorogenic acid. Regal adjustment does not advertise this information, which leads us to assume that the concentration is relatively low (10% or less).

Regal setting prices

Regal has a price adjustment with a trial of “scam” auto-shipping. You can not ask the supplement directly. You need to ask as part of a trial offer. If you do not return your bottle test within 18 days and then charged full price (which is $ 99.96). This is how the pricing details decompose:

You pay $ 4.96 for shipping today, and the ships of the company a bottle full size Regal Cut to your address within 4 working days

-You will have 18 days (from the date that order) to try the supplement itself and decide if it is right for you; if you do not like, then you have to return it within 18 days to avoid future charges

If you do not meet within 18 days, then your credit card will automatically be charged the retail price of $ 99.96, which covers the price of the bottle already received

Then every 30 days from the date of initial test purchase, your credit card will be charged $ 99.96 + $ 4.96 shipping, and will continue to collect this amount for the rest of your life (or until you cancel)

If you need to request a refund or cancel your subscription, then you’ll want to call the customer support service @ to cancel your membership

This pricing scam-as described in detail in the section of terms and conditions, but actually it is not explained in advance, so many comments Cut Regal customers online call a scam supplement

Who makes Regal Trim?

Regal adjustment is made by a manufacturer of nutritional supplement called Regal Nutra LLC. That company is based on the following address:

1601 N Sepulveda Blvd # 763

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

You can contact the company via email at support @ or by calling 1-800-398-8516. The company does not list their manufacturing conditions or location, but does claim to make their supplements entirely within the United States, and the product label states that the product is manufactured in a FDA registered facility.

Should You Use Regal Trim to lose weight?

green coffee bean extract is an ingredient pill fad diet that has shown slight weight loss benefits when taken in high doses. Regal cut formula contains 800 mg per capsule, although it is unclear what may be the concentration of the active ingredient (chlorogenic acid).

The main problem with Trim Regal is price: more than $ 100, Regal Trim is one of the most expensive diet pills on the market today. That high price makes it difficult to recommend -. Especially since we do not have a lot of research on Regal Crop

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