Refresh your soul inside out to restore

It is important to pause and refresh your soul … inside out! You arrive exhausted but leaves fresh, clean, and strengthened.

What you need to refresh your soul? How is Pauses to revitalize internally? What you need to recharge spiritually?

A sense of purity permeates spa environment . The luxury white coat is put on when you walk into a spa sets the tone.

One of the comforts of my local spa is a free body scrub. Oh, I love the brush! After the scrub, I can choose if I want to lavender, citrus, vanilla or sprinkled water on my skin clean. So nice.

Cleansing poem

Freshness, clean, fully-all that is healthy around it. A feel better just being there. You wish you could live like this all the time!

We can.

In fact, we can do better. We can have the coolness that radiates from the inside out by clothing beautiful blanket of forgiveness. Keywords to understand is “atonement. Atone means “make peace.” Atonement removes all barriers between us and God.

What does it take to refresh your soul? How do you pause to internally revitalize? What does it take to recharge yourself spiritually?

all have barriers. The walls prevent us access to everything that is available in God. Perhaps you want to enjoy Jehovah but the sense that you can not break.

Maybe, just maybe what you need is an inner cleansing and forgiveness for those things he has done and said they have grieved the Holy Spirit of God. An internal exfoliant, if you will.

is so doable! God himself has made it possible and is ready and waiting weeds. All you have to do is ask for it.

Just ask .

apologize and receive the gift. Jesus made peace for you-broke barriers when he died on the cross. He paid for our sins with his suffering. It is hard to believe but true. And He knew you by name. In fact, He knew that before creating the world!

Think about this: you walk exhausted, clogged pores and sore muscles; fresh, clean, and strengthened sales. Ah, the freshness will feel if you let God clean! It is more wonderful than a deep facial tissue or body scrub orange flower. . . pleases.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.04.37 AM

How to refresh your soul? What can you do today to open up to this spa experience God?

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