Reflexology For Babies- Which Points To Press To Make The Baby Stop Crying!


reflexology is an ancient cultural practice of China, which recently became popular in Western countries as a legitimate practice to treat all kinds of health conditions.

offers the least invasive of natural treatment, so it is perfect for use to calm babies. They say they don`t What’s wrong with them, so they cry in response to any pain or other problem.

The use of reflexology can determine the problem and fix it so.

guide for baby Foot reflexology

Babies are more sensitive to reflexology than adults because they are more receptive to physical contact. That is why soothe a crying baby for maintenance or rub her back.

Reflexology is the application of pressure on the point of the body mostly concentrated on the feet, in order to cure different bodies linked to these parts of body. Here we will explain what part of `s feet, which affects a part of your body.

Head and teeth

Rubbing the tips of his toes will affect the head and baby teeth, treating problems such as ear infections or pain caused by teething


pressing the center toe baby ‘s going to help many sinus problems, nasal discharge with the common cold and other respiratory problems. But note that this will only relieve pain and reduce symptoms, not cure the real disease.


The top of the foot is in contact with the ground, just above the arch, it is connected to the chest area. Massaging this part of the foot can relieve chest congestion and treatment of chronic cough and colds that are causing phlegm build ups.

solar plexus

This is a complex collection placed nerve between the lungs and the stomach. This makes it difficult to reduce the cause of the problem, but can be treated by pressing the top of the arch, where it ends the bow and the foot touches the ground.

areas upper and lower abdomen

The entire arch of the foot is connected to this zone. The top half of the arch is responsible for the upper abdomen, and reflexology in this area can help with digestive problems such as heartburn and intestinal obstruction.

The lower half of the arch is responsible for the lower abdomen, and the pressure in this part, reduce post-digestive problems such as bloating and constipation, that are causing discomfort.


The area of ​​the pelvis baby is linked to the Heels his feet. Applying pressure on the heel of the foot can treat problems like muscle tension and postural problems.

Reflexology is not a cure, can only relieve pain and soothe any symptoms; it is not a substitute for proper medical care needed if the condition is serious. applying pressure on certain parts of the baby’s foot will comfort them while the real problem are in pain or stress, no cure.

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