Recipe For Medicines St John’s Wort Oil

flowering period of the herb is from May to August. It can be found in meadows, pastures, rocky reefs and is a great plant against different types of diseases.

In order to start making this amazing oil, you need to have freshly cut flowers wort. Put 100 grams of fresh flowers wort in 1 liter of oil. The recommended oil for this recipe is olive oil. First, you need to let the flowers stop overnight. The next day store the flowers in a glass bottle and cover with olive oil. Put a gauze pad over the glass bottle as a lid and attach the rubber. After you’ve done that, put the glass bottle in the sun for 40 days. Occasionally check to see if all the flowers are immersed in oil. After those 40 days, drain the liquid through cheesecloth and squeeze out all the oil in the flowers. Store the resulting oil in small glass bottles and close them well.

Attention :. Never store grass oil in the refrigerator, however, store in a dark place at room temperature

Good quality grass oil is dark red and sometimes with violet tones.


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