Rearranging Reality

depression Reality is not weak. It is our perception of it is weak.

Specifically, it is a weakness of the perception that yields than the unity or oneness anything.

A wave is already connected to the ocean. The ocean is the source of the wave. Without the ocean, the wave simply not exist.

When we are trapped in our state wave – our individuality – we forget what is our source, and what unites us all other waveforms. Our universal nature is part of what we are too, but it’s so easy to forget when there are bills to pay, appointments to keep and rhinorrhea will be deleted.

Each wave has its source in the same ocean. That means my universal nature is the same as yours, and for everyone else.

Those are nice words, but ultimately meaningless without direct experience.

Meditation provides the context and the direct experience of our own less excited state. When a wave is de-energized, and transcends individuality, what is left is the ocean. A big, big ocean of Unity – you are that, and I’m very

Then the phone rings and we lose that connection, and are back to greet wave communication and relationship.. Other segments of Oneness in, and experience a vast sea of ​​difference.

meditation That’s where regular practice of meditation comes into play. The more we do, the longer we can keep our state less excited. After some time, printing experience unity seeps into our daily activities. First for a few minutes, then for a couple of hours. It is a slow but steady progression as we strengthen our perception of Unity.

so we can go that way, and change the way we perceive reality, and eventually become a master of it. Or we can try to reorganize reality and have consistently demonstrate the Unit. So far, no one has been successful with this approach.

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