What makes a woman looks impressive and attractive? Her beautiful skin, of course. But do you think that beautiful skin can only be achieved by spending hordes in it? If you think so, then you’re wrong. You can get beautiful skin easily at home, thanks to the beauty enhancing properties of the potato. The potato is the most common vegetable, which is readily available in your kitchen cupboard.

also read why the potato is very good for our skin:

Vitamin C – this vitamin is very important for the health of the skin and helps in the healing process the wounds. In addition, potatoes can help with problems like acne, dry skin and stretch marks.

Vitamin B – Numerous complex of B vitamins are very useful in preventing skin discoloration and are helping in numerous inflammatory infections

Hierro. -. Iron give natural shine and color of your skin

Calcium – Calcium deficiency can lead to many skin disease and potatoes are rich in calcium. Therefore, it is important to use if you want a healthy skin.

Cooper – Cooper keeps the skin tight so that it affects the production of collagen and elastin

Read on to learn how to use the potato juice in beauty applications.

1. Just apply potato juice on the face every day to keep the attack premature wrinkles at bay. Regular application of potato juice gives a healthy glow and softness to the skin. This is one of the most important benefits of the application of the potato in the face. 4. The potato is a great help for removing dark circles. Just place potato slices in their dark circles. And keep it for 20 minutes .In the end, wash with warm water. You can place potato juice ball dipped in Cottan also under the eyes dark circles to fade away.

2. Potato does wonders for the skin sunburned peace too. Just place slices of cold potatoes in the affected areas or potato juice simple dab in the act. You wiil get a soothing and cooling sensation immediately after application. His tan and burning sensation mellow down soon.
cold potato juice on their -affected imperfections 3.Apply face every day. Spots decrease in continuous use. Give it a chance to get clear and perfect skin.
4. If you feel very worn -out and his eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue, then placing potato slices in the face and eyes to lift the eyestrain and face instantly .


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