Rain Negatively Affects The Mood – Truth Or Myth?

rain adversely affects mood, while the sun positively … Is this really true

although often talked about time, studies show that we do not care much about the time, at least not as much as we think.

If the sun shines or the rain falls, with or without wind during weekdays, in fact, no one thinks about time.

Our mood is not affected by weather

The results of an investigation that were presented at the conference of the Royal Economic Society, it has collapsed the myth that climate adversely affects our mood.

The analysis showed that people often get nervous when the weather is sunny and cloudless, because they have to spend in an office or other workplace. However, this effect is so small that it is negligible.

Dr. Frank Busch in the “Westminster” University has done research based on data from a range of 17 years and includes about 10,000 people.

Dr. Bush said: “The belief that the good weather improves mood is not a conclusion from my research Daily experience great changes in British weather, but up and down. the temperature does not affect your mood. “

SUNNY DAY can repair your HUMOR

in fact, people can spoil the good mood if they have to spend sunny day at the office or at work. Dr. Bush has been estimated that 10 hours of good weather can spoil the mood only 1%.


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