Quickest Birth Ever? Mum Delivers Baby In SECONDS In The Hospital Doorway!

one born in a minute! This incredible mother gave birth to her baby at the hospital entrance, while her husband parked the car.

JESSICA Stubbins appeared on Good Morning Britain with their two adorable daughters and thanked the nurses who came to their rescue.

Jessica Stubbins, Scunthorpe, didn’teven make the lobby before Lucy baby arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Morning Britain today with Lucy, her husband Tom Penny Stubbins and daughter two years old, recalled how she told Tom to leave her at the door, as had felt a twinge revealing.

She explained: “I tried to close the door very fast and when I came down, I knew she was on her way.” Poor Tom was less than 100 feet away and just lost the time Jessica gave birth to her second child.

Jessica had just arrived at the hospital when little Lucy made an entry
He in shock when he arrived at the hospital entrance, Jessica informed him that he had a child.

Tom said: “She felt very guilty because I missed it, and I was in a state of absolute shock, I did not know what was going on!”

Jessica explained that he had already been to Scunthorpe General Hospital earlier in the day when he felt his work was in progress, but ended up going back home when she thought it was a false alarm.

But after a bath, realized around midnight that Lucy was on her way. .

A midwife came to the rescue of Jessica – Gemma Hoeft – explained how she was on her break and go to his car to get his food when he heard a cry

She said: “At first I thought it was a window in the room open work and thought someone was very strong


“But then I heard steps, and I turned around and saw Tom run, so he looked at the entrance and could see Jessica bent.



“I thought, ‘That girl will not make it’, so I ran, but by the time I did Jessica was bent but when it seemed he had little Lucy in his arms.

it felt like something out of a movie. “

as Jessica untangled Lucy from her umbilical cord herself, Gemma took off his jacket and wrapped the infant up before telling Tom to get his wife and new baby a seat.

midwife Sally Parkin and his colleague then arrived on the scene with hot towels and a wheelchair to take care of Jessica.

She explained: Jessica was so calm and relaxed, and Tom was “We met a burly security guard with a huge smile on his face and the whole environment was very quiet

.” crying and Jessica was saying, ‘sorry, sorry “while he was saying it did not matter. it was just a wonderful experience, it did so well.”

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