Pure Glam Volume Root Powder

just washed my hair looks like a bunch of limp noodles. There is a bit of a wave, but very little texture. So, I was excited to try Glam Pure powdered root volume ($ 26.99) and see if delivered in the elevator promised. In fact, he did.

My interest was piqued when I read Pure Glam describe this powder “magically transform into a light, translucent paste style.” It was hard for me to visualize what this meant. After shaking a small amount of dust that looked like the remains at the bottom of a bag of white flakes of cheddar cheese (but with none of the cheesy odors, and indeed no smell at all) in the palm of the hand, I rubbed my hands together and understood. These light flakes, powder almost melt into a sticky paste style. Despite the instructions advise to dust directly on the scalp and massage, I have more control using my hands with powders so sprinkled on my fingers and rubbed into the crown of the head and slightly to the sides of the temples. I turned my head down, I gave my hair a quick shake and BAM! When I looked in the mirror, volume boy was there, as you can see in the picture. I think even a little from the shock of how much volume has hair is evident on the face in the after photo.

maura before and after using the powder

The feeling that this dust is the volume imparts a very specific feeling dirty hair. The best way I can describe it is: you attend a formal event with a great updo style and strongly lacquer-ed, dance all night, combing out and wakes up the next morning with hair looks amazing. It is a texture in the form of heavy product glamorously worn that hair like a girl very good, I like. But I do not think the soft dirt viscosity and be liked by everyone.

Pure Glam says that “works to create lift, volume and texture, while also helping to absorb oils.” I agree with the last point. This powder not soak in much of the oil in the root hair one day and ended up with some of my usual Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo powder to take care of that.

I love the fact that pure Glam product is a powder and comes in a small lightweight cardboard cylinder, which makes it ideal for travel. You can even throw in her handbag to give hair a boost to go out after work. The disadvantage of the simplicity of this powder is that unless you have natural hair perfectly agile, not frizzy, I do not think that this product alone could meet all your needs of style. It lives up to its bulky name and does nothing else.

The main ingredients are all things that I’m pretty sure you could find in a health food store well stocked, including kaolin clay, starch organic potato starch, organic tapioca starch, organic corn and juice organic aloe leaf. The only unknown component for me was Silylate silica, which EWG rates as very low risk of .

A $ 26.99, which is not much more expensive than some of the top quality products volumizing you’d find at the pharmacy, except it has a much simpler and less toxic formula. With only five ingredients, this will be a very useful tool, but specific in my hair styling kit.

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