Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo

Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo

by Gretchen B.

having hair and lots of it curly fine. forever to wash, dry with straight hair and then use an iron to master frizzies and create a slight curl under at the ends it takes. Dry shampoo is a godsend because it can add another one to three days between shampoos, saving time and damage to my hair from heat sources. At this time, I have 5 different dry shampoos and there is something I do not like about each of them, so he offered to try the 100% natural Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo ($ 31.99) for Truth in aging.

Best of Pure Glam is what really makes your hair look, act and feel clean. Bright leaves instead of boring as a powder or spray dry shampoos and added a lot of volume and swing your hair too. Pure Glam promises to go blank, but then disappear and it really does. No developer waste along the piece or any other area that could be lost after brushing through. And a fresh look for at least two days, depending on the oily / dirty way his hair was to begin with remains. Light pink geranium scent of Pure Glam is beautiful and not fight with perfume. It contains only 4 organic ingredients (arrowroot, kaolin clay, baking soda and rice powder) and an essential oil for fragrance. All this is very, very nice!

The only problem is delivery.

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo comes in a cylinder similar to a cardboard mailing tube – not the most glamorous packaging but perhaps they are promoting the “all natural” aspect of your product. The shampoo is applied by turning a plastic disc that is an open hole or group of small holes (exactly like those used to dispense spices for cooking) and shaking it on his hair. Warning: Remove anything you do not want dusted with white powder – mostly dark clothing – the area while dust is applied to your hair. Unlike my Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, Pure Glam does not have a fine-tipped nozzle to dispense more accurately dust. Even when the disc is pure Glam able to open only a few small holes, dust going through the hair, body, clothes and the general area where you are using. I can use the nozzle tip of my Oscar Blandi some of my hair and Powder Puff layered all over my head instead carefully with minimal residual dust landing on everything around me. Pure Glam agitator makes it difficult to get the powder precisely where you want it means that there is too little here and there. Frustrating and dirty!

If Pure Glam repackages this powder in a container with a fine nozzle applicator, I’d be sold. But until then, the mess I have to clean my floors, countertops and clothing is not only worth.

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