Pure Glam Intensive Moisture Conditioner

Pure Glam Intensive Moisture Conditioner

by Tina M.

I was excited elected to try to review pure intensive hydration Glam ($ 28.99) air. In recent years I have been dealing with a pair of hair problems: dryness and hair loss. More on my second topic later.

First I want to say I’m in my mid-50s with fair hair below the shoulders. I, Aove always had thick hair with a little wave to it. In recent years my hair had started to thin and become very dry. I had also lost my waves. I began a quest to find a conditioner that moisturizes without my hair limp and didn, AOT have a lot of questionable ingredients. This was what I was expecting to find pure Glam intensive hydration.

I, AOM happy to report I LOVE this product. No What, AOS love? Is certified organic ingredients, free from cruelty and contains some of my favorite oils. Lavender, rosemary, sage and geranium oils soothe and condition, uplifting oils of peppermint, spearmint and grapefruit are also part of the formula. All on a moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter. No silicones and paraben. The only ingredient that wasn, AOT was familiar with Behentrimonium methosulfate , low-impact additive from rapeseed oil.

The conditioner is packaged in an aluminum, recyclable container with a pump. Personally I love using a pump because it, AOS much less messy.

The day before I arrived I had my hair colored. Yes, I dye my hair. I note the number of products my stylist used after regular shampoo and conditioning

1. Conditioner

2. Detangler

3. Curl Cream

4. Oil on the tips of my hair

at home, after washing my hair wearing only a pair of pumps and comb through my hair as indicated. Then I left for a few minutes and rinse. My hair was soft, bouncy and tangle free. He moved my comb through my hair with ease. Also I have my waves back again! He used only a little curl cream afterwards. Without leave-in conditioner, detangling hair or necessary oil.

I have tried many different products recently only to find my limp hair is too heavy product or stop having that dry crispness of not having enough moisture. I think I’ve finally found a keeper in pure Glam intensive hydration. Give it a try yourself I think don, AOT you Äôll disappointed.

Finally a word about my thinning hair. If this is a concern of yours recommend trying Complex Truth vitality Advanced . Since I use hair back in my temple area. Not only has noticed my stylist, but also my husband.

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