Prunes and Prune Juice Overcame Constipation

Of all the common health problems that people problems, constipation can be one of the most common. infrequent or difficult bowel movements can be a symptom of many underlying causes: low-fiber, low thyroid function, a polyp or tumor partially blocking the colon or a series of nerve or muscle disorders. So if constipation arises suddenly worth discussing with the health professional to see if a more serious condition indicated.

Most of the time, however, it will advise a person with constipation for more fluid and fiber. That may help, but people struggling with chronic constipation may be frustrated because they have been down that road before.

Another trodden path that may be worth a trip plums (aka prunes) and dried plum juice. This is a long tradition home remedy for constipation. Simply because it is old as the hills, it does not mean it is useless, however. This reader rediscovered its usefulness:

P Occasionally questions about constipation are made. I have seen no reference to the cure I’ve been using for several years.

Dulcolax I used to need two or three times a month. Then in the cobwebs of my brain, I remembered hearing about prunes.

I started to eat two plum a day with a small glass of prune juice. Problem solved!

to go once or twice a day now without any effort. I’m sure your readers would be eternally grateful to know this cheap and healthy solution.

Prunes for constipation

A. Prunes have long maintained a reputation to overcome constipation. A review of randomized controlled trials shows that prunes can be even better than psyllium ( Metamucil Konsyl , etc.) to help maintain regularity ( Food Pharmacology and Therapeutics Oct. 2014 ).

have also been reported

Other readers success with prunes . Prunes have a advantage over stimulant laxatives b ecause not appear to create dependency.

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