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Everyone in the Western world is talking about how amazing it is yoga. Despite being an ancient practice, it almost feels like suddenly came into existence. And all the hype around yoga is a good reason. Studies and research have shown that yoga is not only a great tool to help balance the mind, but the poses and actions used in yoga are very good for the body.

The problem with today is that yoga has become something that is almost unrecognizable. A whole new culture has grown around it, which is wearing the right clothes and drinking appropriate water, rather than being a point of connection with the body. Any new to yoga person who has entered into a yoga studio can attest that there seems something a little strange about the whispers and words that nobody really understands.

Despite how yoga has become in recent years, still has amazing values. People with back pain have used yoga to reverse when the medicine was not helping. Those who want to lose weight have used it to achieve their health goals. There is also mental benefits , seen in those who have really found its center and discovered methods to relieve stress through yoga.

Because yoga is still important, but the culture of what has been done has been altered, progressive Yoga is an extremely important program. Focusing on helping people create a balance in your body from its current place in life, even if they have never used before yoga, progressive Yoga is about to return to the fundamentals of yoga . Uses simple movements and adaptive yoga plans an activity that anyone can feel satisfied.

What is the progressive yoga?

Progressive Yoga is an alternative yoga program that aims to help modern people combat the damage they cause their lifestyles to your body. And, unlike more traditional options yoga, progressive Yoga is about helping users to listen to their bodies adjust and adapt their way of yoga and style to suit your individual needs.

Created by Scott B. Sonnon, progressive Yoga aims to balance the body, meeting people where they are and not where other yogis believe that “should” be. Progressive Yoga allows users to decide what your goals are and where they want to go with the program. So Sonnon uses its innovative yoga system to help guide users there.

The goal of Yoga is progressive to support the body as it tries to cope with the hectic lifestyle, stressful that has become so common these days. When users are able to get through these stressors, your body will be on the road to success. This means navigating stress factors at work, hormonal, interpersonal, and even stress. To progress beyond these stressors, the body is able to reach its full potential, creating a better quality of life.

Progressive Yoga is able to withstand this better life. And, because it is very customizable, users can adjust and adapt its own program to better meet their own, unique and specific needs. In the end, they will be better connected to their bodies and the world around them.

Included in the progressive yoga

There are three things included in the purchase of Progressive Yoga. These three elements help users no matter where they are in your yoga experience. Yoga progressive versatility is what makes it so amazing. It is able to give anyone and everyone, from beginner to expert yogis, an experience that will benefit them.

progressive yoga system includes five manuals (A-E), five videos (A-E), and a quick start guide to be read before starting the program.

progressive yoga manuals are easy to follow, carefully he explained guides on how to use the system of progressive Yoga. Each manual is fully illustrated and includes high-definition photography. Sonnon takes users through each step, the introduction to his unique form of yoga, one that combines both Western and Eastern science. Use your special postures and moves to help displaced the traditional stretching yoga focuses on strengthening and move in a totally balanced body.

progressive yoga videos that are included with the system are long videos that follow, along with the manuals. Sonnon take users through its unique formula to help increase mobility and restore range of motion. In the videos, users will also be taught how to restore balance in their bodies through their choices of recreation, occupation and behavior. Recognizing these obstacles to balanced body and mind , users progressive Yoga will be able to completely turn your lifestyle around.

Finally, the progressive yoga Quick Start Guide is the beginning of Yoga progressive program. users are offered a way of how they can start practicing this form of yoga. It will also give a brief history of how the progressive yoga began. The section of questions and answers included in this guide will answer some common questions for people new progressives have Yoga, so they can fully understand what they are doing and where they are going. It is also training available times in this guide, each designed to meet specific goals of users.

Each manual breakdown of A to E, includes different movements and different classes that use these movements. Below is a list of the different levels included in the progressive Yoga and movements included in each manual shown.

Manual A

  • Up Down Dog
  • Leg Balance
  • twists Table
  • Lunge twist

Manual B

  • Double Forward
  • Hurdler
  • low Lunge
  • Locust

C Manual

  • Dolphin Bomber
  • Permanent Gun
  • side angle
  • Fold side split
  • high Pigeon
  • seated forward Fold

D Manual

  • swing bridge
  • Guerrero Lunge
  • Dragon Lunge
  • side table folded
  • Short Camel
  • Rollo to dogs

E Manual

  • Kneeling Sidebend
  • Removing the wind
  • Kneeling Lunge
  • standing in front Fold
  • Plant Triangle
  • Wheel ball

the Yoga buying progressive

progressive Yoga is available for purchase for $ 39.99. Because it is a digital program, customers get immediate access to all content that comes with progressive Yoga.

While the total price is $ 39.99 Yoga Progressive each part of the system can be purchased individually at a slightly higher price. This gives users who just wanted to baseline levels at first opportunity to go back and buy the highest levels when you have reached that level of expertise. However, it is strongly suggested to buy the whole program to save money.

Each of the above mentioned manuals are available for purchase for $ 9.99. The purchase of each manual includes the corresponding video and quick start guide, however, will not include additional courses.

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