A professor at the University of California has done research dealing with chemotherapy and the negative influence of people. He spent 25 years of his life by these investigations, so what is worth reading.


We all know that cancer is the disease that in 99% of cases wins. This will not be something that will discourage you, you need to be motivated and be in them 1%, who beat cancer.

We have heard the worst of the new decade, which is that medical examinations are creating cancer for pharmacy must take advantage of it, and make money.

After 25 long years of study, it occurred to conclude that chemotherapy does not work.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones says that chemotherapy does not really work.

He realized that chemotherapy actually shortens life and patients killed, and everything is kept secret, since the pharmaceutical industry is making millions of dollars every day.In their study, published in the Academy of Sciences, Dr. Jones New York said the people

who refused chemotherapy lived 12 years longer than people who chose chemotherapy as cancer treatment for their condition.

also he said that a lot of people who accepted chemotherapy died after 3 years, and some of them right after they started treatment.

positive side that refused chemotherapy lived 4 times more than those who accepted it.

However, this type of information you will not read in the newspaper or hear on the news because they will continue to spread the legend and the myth of the positive effects of chemotherapy.

Two more published studies in Israel in 1978 and another in Britain in 1980 had similar results. Both confirmed that chemotherapy did not help patients with breast cancer and did nothing to prolong their lives. The hidden truth is that many people who have “died of cancer” are actually victims of chemotherapy and radiation. The study explains that chemotherapy actually works by killing healthy cells in the human body, before they destroy cancer cells, which can develop very slowly and some natural ways that can be stopped. Everyone must know, chemotherapy does not kill cancer cells or prolong the patient’s life. Chemotherapy recharges the body while cancer patients die from the disease in terrible pain.

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