Problems On The Face Indicate Problems With The Health

House Health ” face problems indicate problems with Health
According to ancient Chinese medicine, which is the skin showing the first signs of health problems and disease in specific organs body. In the event of suffering any of these symptoms or changes in the face, possible causes could be:

Front – small bowel and bladder

Changes: oily skin and acne

Causes :. high-calorie diet that includes foods and oily sugars, which trigger poor digestion, coupled with excessive consumption of alcohol and stress

Among the eyebrows – Liver

Changes: Oily skin and acne

Causes :. Poor digestion, too much red meat, or allergy to any of the ingredients in the food you eat

eyes and under the eyes – The kidneys

Changes :. Dark skin, swelling, hair, grayness

Causes :. Poor blood circulation, irregular heartbeat, smoking

Nose – Heart

Changes. Oily skin, acne, spots

Causes :. Air pollution, poor circulation, hypertension, flatulence, gases spend too much time indoors

Cheeks – The kidneys and lungs

Changes :. Acne, blemishes, paleness

Causes :. Excessive consumption of sugar, snuff, fast food, too much stress

lips and chin – Stomach

Changes: pale skin, acne, dark spots

Causes :. Too much fattening foods, caffeine and alcohol, excessive sugar intake, lack of sleep, stress

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