Problems of skin care before your big day? Try THESE home remedies to treat it before your wedding

The night before your wedding can be exhausting and problematic and often we end up with last minute skin problems. But you can always rely on home remedies for any skin disaster!

Preparing for your big day can be difficult. We all often become bridezillas and that stresses us. Being a bride is not easy when you have to deal with all kinds of relatives and the drama that accompanies all wedding events. Now, the real problem is that we cannot let stress and drama affect our skin before the most important day, but that is a bit difficult when you have so much to do and it is not as if you could run into the room for every little problem. There may be that annoying little pimple that appears just before the event or the night before and it can be scary to deal with all these skin problems when you are preparing for your wedding and in the midst of all the functions. Well, there is always a solution and we all need it.

Here are some remedies for your last minute bridal skin care problem.

1. Now, a big problem is the pimple or acne. The best way to treat is to use some neem oil or take some fresh neem leaves and grind it into a paste. Apply this on your pimple and let it dry before washing it.

2. White spots can affect your skin and the goal is mainly the nose. You can treat this by using a mixture of a tablespoon of oatmeal and half a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Make a smooth paste and apply it to the entire face and neck. Let it stay for up to 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

3. We often end up with those little pimples full of pus called rosacea and must be treated before they see you wrong in the images. Make some chamomile tea and then remove the tea bags. Refrigerate chamomile tea and, once it is cold enough, take a cotton pad or a cotton ball and dip it in this mixture and apply it to the affected areas.

4. If you have lost the cleanliness of your blackheads, you can do it using some green tea. Make a paste with a tablespoon of green tea and a little water. Massage over your nose or any other affected area for up to 5 minutes and then rinse it.

5. It is not uncommon to end a tan due to all the pre-wedding outdoor functions such as Haldi or Mehendi. You can get rid of this tan by using a little turmeric mixed with an equal amount of yogurt. The best way would be to let your haldi dry after the function before rinsing it with warm water.


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