Probable Cancer Signs We All Neglect And Ignore

Many experts say we have to keep an eye on those symptoms that may be a hidden cancer. It is crucial to detect before a doctor says. This makes the chances of cure much larger.

Signs of cancer

Some signals are general and can be applied to anything, but do not ignore them. Analyze all the symptoms if it is observed. And book a medical meeting.

cancer are presented in more than 200 types and even lung, prostate, ovary, breast, bladder, colon, kidney, pancreas and endometrium are more common; melanoma and leukemia too!

Worse, mortality rates and survival of lung cancer. Often they lost or time before healing. These cancers are discovered in the final stages of sadness.

Here are some signs to watch for:

Probable Cancer Signs We All Neglect And Ignore

loss of strange weight

The first and obvious sign. Usually it occurs with breast or lung cancer. Above all, this weight loss is due to the spread of liver cancer and liver works even worse than before. You can not eliminate toxins or level cravings. It may even mean digestive cancer or colon cancer. It is common because 40% have lost weight because of the same and 80% in the final stages had cachexia or ‘lose’
If no changes in diet or exercise and still lose weight, something is wrong .. the loss of 10 pounds in a month or 10% of the weight in 6 months -. It is a concern


This could simply mean a normal flu or cold, but if it does not stop serious as could be lymphoma. In addition, the leukemia cells of blood cancer can cause fever, infections, fatigue and aches – flu-like

Weakness and fatigue

These persist even after he’s rested and something negative. It could be cancer

Short breathing and wheezing

Sometimes these are different problems, but it could be probably lung cancer. If the lung tumor spreads and presses makes you breathless, breathing like a whistle during exhalation.

Chest pain and cough

Lung cancer or leukemia can mimic bronchitis or cough and be in and out all the time. In addition, chest pain it is going along this and lower your arms. If you get a hoarse voice after a few weeks to see a doctor urgently. Sometimes this voice is only thyroid cancer, larynx or lung or esophageal cancer.


The abdominal swelling is strange that on and off for a long time can be ovarian cancer. If there is also swollen belly, pelvis pain or feeling of fullness that might indicate more. Sometimes these after eating, but check just in case.

burnings of chronic stomach

Heartburn is just acid reflux, but it could be cancer or Barett esophagus cancer.

In a study in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Journal May 2012, inflammation is said in the lining of the esophagus is due to heartburn and causes cancer risk greater. Moreover, in another study by experts from Rhode Island Hospital cancer linked Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer. This was stated by the American Journal of Cell Physiology, 2013.

intestinal problems

Changes in the intestines that last more than a month means that you need to see a doctor. It could be bowel cancer, and it is common for the elderly.

swallow hard

trouble swallowing or stuck in the throat and chest could be throat and esophageal cancer foods. Other samples sensation and pain when swallowing food burned.

Often esophageal cancer shows no sign and keep an eye on this.


The whites of the eyes and skin turn yellow. It is the gallbladder or liver issue, but also pancreatic cancer that affects the liver bile and work.

inflammation and strange lumps

strange lumps in the breast, testicles, groin, neck, armpits, abdomen should be checked. Sometimes the lump in the armpit or large lymph nodes are breast cancer. Pain and swelling and breast pain also.

New moles and changes in moles

Skin changes can cause pain and may appear normal, but sometimes pay attention to: new spots, wounds that heal slowly changed symmetry and size of moles, diameters and colors


the nail changes

changes in foreign nails are dangerous and could be cancer skin, liver or lung cancer. Some signs occur due to various problems, but here are the dangers: black spots and brown under the nails (skin cancer), finger clubbing (ie, big butts lung cancer) due to the lower amount of oxygen to all cells. whitish and pale nails due to bad work of the liver or liver cancer.

abdomen and pelvis pain pain

Lower abdominal pain and heaviness could be ovarian cancer and unclutter your urination. This is because, two points of diagnosis, breast, uterine or rectal cancer. Never being relatives of pregnancy and risk rectal cancer history. Also, pelvic pain is sometimes leukemia or cancer of the uterus.

strange pain over a month

Sometimes this is vague, but if the pain persists for more than a month may be kidney and bladder cancer. blood in the stool is bowel cancer or just hemorrhoids.

blood after menopause or between each period is the womb or endometrial cancer are vaginal bleeding and vaginal cancer but rarely. Gastrointestinal bleeding could be the type of colorectal cancer.

vomiting and coughing up blood is cancer of the esophagus, lung and stomach cancer. excessive bleeding or shock could be leukemia and sometimes strange bleeding may be a hidden disease.

early screening and testing are very important and necessary to track in time of danger. Consult a doctor immediately.

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