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Our lips like body mouth and skin are very vulnerable to aging. thick lips not only improve the overall appearance of the face, but also increase self-confidence and beauty. There are many ways to get fuller lips regardless of their lips are naturally thin or are thinning with age.

Each year, many people opt for lip augmentation and are generally happy with the result. lip injections formulations using natural or synthetic filler that can keep long thick lips.

For a more permanent effect, lip implants and other surgical procedures, such as Sydney lip augmentation , can be considered. There are many other options available to get those thicker lips; these include vermilion (pink part of her upper lip) advance, skin graft, lip lifts and permanent makeup.

There are many types of injectable dermal fillers that can be injected into the lips or around the mouth. most commonly used fillers are collagen, autologous fat and widespread acceptance and easy availability it makes collagen is a good option for increased temporary lips. Autologous fat is a popular volume increaser and the results are generally long-term (even permanent). The fat is obtained from the abdomen or thighs own patient; therefore there is little or no risk of any allergic reactions. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body and dermal fillers (called hyaluronic acid fillers) produce long-lasting results, albeit temporary. Since these fillers are similar to naturally occurring substances in our body, the risk of allergy or infection is minimal.

Lip augmentation can be surgical or nonsurgical. Injections or fillers are non-surgical ways to get fuller lips. surgical skin graft routes include, raising lips, lip implant or vermilion advance. cosmetic lip augmentation increases and improves the contour of the lips when the lip is not affected by any congenital deformity or trauma. The upper lip worked on more frequently compared to the lower lip. Some techniques can beautify the shape of your mouth, even out uneven lips, and improve gum-show while you smile. Before taking any decision to opt for lip augmentation procedure, you must be healthy, non-smoking and in a positive mood. Enhancement procedures can not be performed if you suffer from diabetes, an infection such as oral herpes, lupus or some blood clotting problems.

Injections, implants and grafts can cause physical changes in the volume and roundness of the lips, while procedures such as lifts and lip vermilion progress can improve the shape and enhance the area of ​​lip color . Permanent makeup is another way to accentuate the pout without undergoing surgery or applying makeup every day. Silicone injections are an unacceptable and highly risky option. lip augmentation procedures are generally safe.

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