Potato is vsrieties.

. Forms change from small ( “finger”) Anya potatoes as large and round types, such as King Edward. Most have light skin cream and brown or yellow flesh, however, many varieties of specialty are different colors, such as purple Peruvian.

potatoes ‘wax’, for example, are wonderful Charlotte used in salads, while potatoes ‘floury’ for example Maris Piper are perfect for mashed potatoes and bake.

all year round, plus new season early as Jersey Royals, who are around from April through July potatoes.
choose the best

Look for firm, unblemished potatoes. Avoid those that are broken, they have buds, wrinkles or green highlights. The thin, filmy skin potatoes recent erasable, but other potatoes should not have any bald patches.

Change potato depending on how you want to cook.

elderly potatoes should be washed in cold water, and then all eyes should be excavated with the end of a peeler or perhaps a small, sharp knife. Much of the nutrition claims are stored in or just under the skin, so let’s stand on if possible. Otherwise, the shell having a very thin layer of a potato peeler, then rinse. New potatoes just need a wash in cold water -. Your skin is too thin to justify peeled

If any section of an old or new pope is dyed green to be scraped or stop, because it is slightly toxic.

Keep all potatoes in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place, as if subjected to light, it will sprout green shoots. They should be kept in paper instead of plastic bags, since the latter can make them go moldy. Stored by doing this, old potatoes lasts for weeks, while new potatoes should follow for a good couple of days.

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