“Pokemon Go” Players Easy Prey for Convicted Child Molesters

“According to an official research report, minors of the wildly popular” Pokemon Go “mobile application can fall easily victimized child molesters home. the study investigators found cases in which the game took players dangerously close to the places where sex offenders live. “( middaydaily.com )

Two state senators New York, Diane Savino and Jeff Klein, expressed concern that Pokémon creatures found near the homes of serious sex offenders. They want restrictions on sex offenders using the application and retired creatures around their homes.

Klein said that sex offenders are currently prohibited the use of social media, so it makes sense to prohibit use an application that can be used to attract others “malicious purposes.”

“While children think you are to catch a Pokémon, it could really be lurking could be a predator rather than a Pikachu,” Klein said, referring to a type of Pokemon creature. “We want our children to have safe fun, but it makes no sense at all dangerous sexual predators to give a sheet of virtual path for our children congregate.”

The two lawmakers also think that the game’s producer must constantly update the application and insert an algorithm that avoids the appearance of Pokemons in dangerous places. To this end, game developers can check the Department sex offender registry of Criminal Justice.

What is “Pokemon Go” and why is everyone talking about it?

Pokémon Go mobile application is a free-to-play. It is to download and start playing for free, but you have the option of using real money to buy in-game currency called PokéCoins.

The game works by using GPS of your phone to your location in the real world. Users who play Pokemon Go roam the physical world for virtual Pokémon creatures.

The game also allows players to attract other users using so-called “decoys.” And you (the digital that) can be customized with clothing, a faction (or “team” players that can join) and other options, and level up as you play. ( Lifehacker.com )

Images sources voanews.com ; ibtimes.co.uk

The players, “Pokemon Go” easy prey for molesters convicted first appeared in Life and Health Food .

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