Poison Or Medicine? 6 Medicines Alternative Medicine That Do More Harm Than Help!


Most of these drugs called doctors prescribed natural medicine, which is often called the charlatans. Find out what treatments are useless and even potentially harmful

People from the beginning are looking for drugs that they will solve diseases that affect them, and even kill.

Despite medical advances, and today there are many incurable condition that conventional medicine only gets “under control” or simply reduces symptoms, and on the other side of the spectrum that doctors are named alternative offering a magic solution that attract patients and give them hope.

In contrast to the generally accepted alternative medicine offers, such as homeopathy or acupuncture, these healers make money by offering magic cures to desperate people directions.

This is a list of six hazardous treatments that have proven effective and potentially harmful:

  1. laetrile (vitamin B17)

the similar tonsillar chemical compound commonly found in apricot seeds and other fruits and almonds. Often it referred to as alternative medicine for cancer, and the first was like a drug synthesized dr. Ernest T. Krebs half of the 20th century

One explanation for the “efficiency” is that cancer cells have a certain enzyme that does not occur in healthy cells. So this drug is poisoning them with cyanide kills only cancer cells.

Despite the popularity, numerous scientific studies have shown that treatment is ineffective and even potentially dangerous. Because of the danger it is prohibited in the US but in the rest of the world continue to be used.

  1. Colloidal silver

is popular for treating many serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, herpes and other viral and bacterial infections. The active ingredient is silver ion, and microscopic particles dissolve in the liquid.

Most often taken orally may also be administered by injection. No reputable scientific study has demonstrated the efficacy of this treatment. The most common side effect is the accumulation of silver in body tissues, which is not considered a serious health problem, but rather cosmetic.

People taking colloidal silver skin, eyes and internal organs change color, usually blue-gray tint. Excessive amounts of colloidal silver can cause severe kidney damage and various neurological problems.

  1. enemas

irrigation or colon cleansing is a practice in which the intestine through anus, water or other liquid is introduced, such as coffee. Usually it is a lot of liquid, and the goal is to clear all traces of stool through the bowel.

Proponents of this method argue that detoxifies the body, where apparently all diseases originate. Throughout the intestines human existence “dam health” were considered, so washing the intestines was used, even by the ancient Egyptians.

However, a recent study by Georgetown University shows that intervention is not only useless, but also potentially dangerous. In fact, there were cases of intestinal damage, liver and kidney failure, as well as drilling. Also, if this treatment works regularly, the intestines can become lazy that interferes with normal digestion.

  1. Germanium

This item is sold under various names, such as vitamin A, a metalloid or germanium. It is commonly used in the manufacture of solar cells and fiber optic systems, and in its organic form can be found in several plants and in very small quantities in food. germanium research have begun 30 years ago, and is often cited as a cure for HIV, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes …

Those who swear by its effectiveness statement that stimulates the production of interferon and certain leukocyte types. However, studies show that in small amounts has no effect, while in large amounts can cause kidney damage, and even death.

  1. Cellular Medicine

The founder of this practice is a charlatan Matthias Rath, who studied the role of “micronutrients as biocatalysts in a series of metabolic reactions at cellular level. ” By promoting their own vitamin tablets, Rath and his colleagues found themselves in several court cases worldwide.

Sam Rath said their supplements cure deadly, incurable disease, but this has been repeatedly rejected in scientific studies.

The most famous case in which the Association of Cellular Medicine tried to sell the drug for AIDS in the countries of Southern Africa through advertisements in newspapers – therefore threatened thousands of lives of people who rejected conventional therapy who receive free government [

  1. MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement

Miracle Mineral Solution is designed by Jim Humble, the man who is often called Jesus. It is a 28 percent solution of sodium, substances conventionally used for paper bleaching chloride.

According to the instructions of Humble, MMS is to be mixed with acidic citrus juice, which leads to the formation of chlorine dioxide, which causes severe diarrhea and vomiting bleach.

Apparently cure malaria and AIDS within a few days. MMS is banned in several countries around the world, because a number of cases of death by poisoning was linked.

Source: http://www.express.hr/znanost/otrov-ili-lijek-6-lijekova-alternativne-medicine-koji-vise-stete-nego-pomazu-6161

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