Planet Fitness – Best Place To Get In Shape For $10 A Month?


Maintaining personal fitness, health and wellness can have a significant investment of time and money. The cost of maintaining a daily practice of fitness can be challenging for people who do not have a lot of disposable income. Anyone trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle has to find a way to manage the cost of exercise classes, computer training, health insurance and the options for nutrition and proper hydration.

Choosing to be a healthy individual is much more difficult when taking into account the commitment and costs associated with maintaining a family and / or a career. The attempt to keep up with the cost of a gym membership or fitness class plan can sometimes feel that it is only a financial obligation that many people are forced to endure. These are just some of the reasons for the transient nature of the consumer base of industry health and wellness.

Planet Fitness seems to want to cater to people who are not fitness fanatics, may have some financial limits, but still have the desire to maintain their health and personal well-being. This review will endeavor to help readers determine if Planet Fitness is a gym that can adequately assists novice users or casual room in achieving a proper balance. Can they help people gain balance with respect to financial obligations and time that a member of the gym and healthy lifestyle requires?

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness marketed as a “judgment-free zone” that caters to novice users and occasional gym. The company is headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire – but currently has 1,000 locations in the US .. club have also been recent expansion in Canada and the Dominican Republic. Planet Fitness is also the national sponsor of gymnastics reality NBC The Biggest Loser.

Participants in the program worked with instructors Planet Fitness Planet Fitness on the computer while the loser in Calabasas, California’s largest ranch. Near the end of a given television program, contestants work out at Planet Fitness gyms near their own homes. In addition, Planet Fitness has formed a partnership with the popular actor 50 Cent selling its energy drink “Street King.”

How did Planet Fitness Start?

The brand Planet Fitness was founded in 1992. At that time, the entrepreneur Michael Grondahl had the idea of ​​creating a business model of low cost that addresses the needs of member health club or occasionally by first person in contrast to the more experienced gym members. So Mr. Grondahl acquired a chain of gyms financial problems, drastically reduced prices and instituted some changes to the rules determining member of a health club in order to compete with the best known brands gym.

The franchise Planet Fitness has expanded over the years into a national franchise that includes 53 gymnasiums owned by the company – and the rest are independently owned and operated. The company continues to grow, having recently added to the list Inc. 500.

How different Planet Fitness?

Many of the people who make the consumer base of health and welfare industry can spend years jumping from a fitness club to another in an attempt to mitigate the price of lesson plans fitness, fitness equipment and transportation costs. Moreover, there is a culture of ultimate gym in the United States that the average working individual can physically or mentally feel intimidated by alienated.

Planet Fitness claims to be able to provide a unique environment in which anyone can be comfortable. Its current corporate campaign promotes a “judgment-free zone” where the casual fitness enthusiast can instill a lifestyle around physical activity and well-being that is long lasting. The company aims to help people, showing them Planet Fitness as a “tool” or a means to and end rather than a brand name life-altering.

Cost Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness claims to have transformed the fitness industry with very low prices and unique offerings for a variety of benefits, including providing free pizza on the first Monday of each month. The company also presents free bagels on the second Tuesday of each month. Planet Fitness promotes the provision of food as a gesture of appreciation of its members and a reminder to customers that it is okay to give themselves a treat for their hard work occasionally.

New members can join any location Planet Fitness in the United States and Canada for as little as $ 10 a month, the company offers the PF Black Card ®, which is $ 19.99 a month membership. This membership includes additional services such as the ability to bring a guest every day, at no additional cost, access to any and all locations and access to massage beds, massage chairs and international tan Planet Fitness.

critical facts

There have been a series of minor controversies revolving around the claim Planet Fitness’ to be a “judgment-free zone.” In March 2015 a Michigan woman had her membership revoked Planet Fitness after complaining to management that a transgender woman was wearing the costume of women at your local gym. In March 2014, a woman requested the return of their membership fees after being told that her very toned and sleek body was “too fit” to be in a revealing outfit Planet Fitness gym in California.

Finally, in October 2011, a New Mexico Planet Fitness refused to allow a woman to wear her religious head covering while exercising.

Critics have also questioned the legitimacy Planet Fitness’ as a gym on the basis of the quality of its equipment and the lack of intensity in fitness classes offered by the company. Others claim that Planet Fitness practice of giving free food is inconsistent with its position as an institution of fitness.

Planet Fitness is worth the cost?

main mission of the industry’s health and welfare is to help people feel good physically and mentally. But time and money are resources that many people have no right to access.

Planet Fitness seeks to create an affordable, hassle and medium non intimidating environment as part of the overall strategy of the company to promote itself to the general public.

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