Pineapple Juice Dissolve Mucus 5x Faster Than Regular Counter Cough Syrups

According to examinations and investigations, it is confirmed that pineapple as amazing healthy fruit organically and certain ingredients combined together can act as a powerful remedy against the cold.


A meeting of medical specialists, with a mixture of juice of raw pineapple nectar oil, cayenne pepper and salt body fluids disintegrated in the lungs of patients with tuberculosis. Other concentrates on proven crude pineapple concentrates had the ability to break the body fluid up to five times faster than in syrups line for counter cough. With the recovery time it is four times faster.

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This tasty tropical natural fruit organic contains bromelain, which is a catalyst in charge of fighting the aggravation and help in assimilation. You must realize also that the measures contained high manganese, which helps in the provision of connective tissue and improve the ability of the nerves. Realizing what makes it easy to perceive how battles hacks and body fluid battle develops in the lungs.



  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • 2 thick slices of fresh pineapple, peel removed, but intact (about two good cups) core
  • a piece thumb-sized fresh, peeled ginger and sliced or chopped raw
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (omit or reduce children)
  • juice of 1 lemon

How do

This is what needs to be done – first, cut the pineapple including the core, which is not only edible, but particularly healthy. Then, you need to put all the ingredients in a blender and mix it all up in until smooth.

How to use:

You can drink like a milkshake, or push the mixture through a mesh strainer to get the soft syrup. Keep in the fridge and take as needed.

Notice: make sure that you do not give anything with honey to children under 1 year of age. If you have a persistent cough, seek medical attention.

Source: themagicoflife

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