Piit28 – Blogilates 28 Day Reset With Intense Pilates Training?

PIIT 28 is a training program that is synonymous with “Pilates, intense, interval Training “. The program promises to get you in the best shape of your life in just 28 days. Here’s our opinion.

What is PIIT 28?

PIIT 28 is a program training promises to help you become stronger, leaner, and more confident in just 28 days. The program also aims to stop eating delicious food while working out for only 30 minutes or less each day.

The program name is an acronym for Pilates, intense, interval training, while “28” refers to the length 28 day program.

The training program was created by Cassey Ho and his team at Blogilates. Following the 28-day program, Cassey and his team say they will melt the fat, sculpt lean muscle , get a hard core, improve your posture, and build confidence.

PIIT 28 Version 1.0 just released. It is a companion to the popular Blogilates 28 Finish the day’s program, where your diet is restored over a period of 28 days program.

You can also download Blogilates application to enter fitness program of Casssey and principles of the diet.

How the Work Programme PIIT 28 work?

The program PIIT 28 works by targeting one of the reasons most of us do not go well: because “no time”. The second reason why not work is because most of us do not love our workouts.

PIIT 28 promises to solve both problems by making sure you have time to sweat and making sure you love “every second of it.”

In just 28 minutes and 40 seconds every day, you can get into the best shape of your life.

The workouts involve concepts Cassey POP Pilates program. She mixes the concepts with more intense cardio elements of high intensity training interval (Interview). PIIT 28 is the end result.

As explained Cassey, modern science has shown that exercise training one hour does not always lead to greater calorie burn. Instead, many people are able to burn more fat in less time with 30 minutes strategically targeted training.

Each workout in the PIIT 28 consists of unique movements made by only 45 seconds. By the time you’re at the end of the second period 45, you’ll hit your maximum effort. So you’re ready to switch to a new workout and maximize fat loss every step of the way.

Workouts are only part of PIIT 28 program: the other part is that you are surrounded by a community of people who want to lose weight as you. This community is described by Cassey as “the most vibrant, hardworking, and support group of friends who has ever had.”

what is included with the PIIT 28?

After joining PIIT 28, which will immediately access to a range of digital products that you want to reference while working. These products include:

  • 28 Day Program eBook
  • Training Calendar
  • #PITTstagram Challenge Calendar
  • 15-filmed by experts follow along workout videos
  • 15 printable exercises beautifully photographed
  • more than 80 unique
  • exercises

  • 100+ animated GIF can refer when you want to exercise with technical right without watching the videos
  • lifetime membership to PIIT 28 1.0 portal
  • a companion guide showing her hot daily routines and flexibility training
  • Flat Ab 1.0 and 1.0 Fix stronger training videos

All this information is within the portal 28 PIIT. After you pay for the course, you can access the portal and access it at any time.

The Day Blogilates 28 Reset

The PIIT 28 is a physical training program with the limited diet. However, if you are interested in cleaning your diet, then follow the recommended Cassey Blogilates 28 Reset Day, which promises to help you eat healthier in 28 days.

sample food you’ll eat in 28 PIIT diet include zucchini fritters, chicken veggie pizza, and double gulps pear.

Your PIIT 28 diet begins with a default 28 day challenge which will take any dairy, added sugars, gluten and processed grains from your diet “in order to discover any food sensitivities they may not be aware of. ”

During this challenge omission, it is possible that certain foods give you acne, or other make you uncomfortably bloated and lethargic. The aim is to identify trends and eliminate unhealthy habits in your life that do not improve their health.

Following the challenge omission is 28 days, Cassey says that lighter and stronger everywhere will feel. Your body will be free of toxins and body fat percentage may decrease.

Once the 28 days are over, Cassey explain how to add security to new foods in your diet that are optimal for the health of your body:

“You will learn to be your own best nutritionist, as it is the expert of your body, “Cassey says.

The program includes a 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide eBook, a meal plan and grocery list 4 weeks, 150+ breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and recipes, and information replacement recipe (including vegetarian options).

The Blogilates 28 PIIT 28 Day Reset and program are designed to be taken together, and save money by ordering two things at the same time. However, there is nothing wrong with just the following program PIIT 28.

PIIT 28 pricing

PIIT 28 varies depending on whether the program bundled with 28 day restart. Here’s how it works pricing:

– PIIT Power Pack: Includes PIIT 28 1.0 + 28 Day Reset – $ 89 USD (available in vegetarian option)

– Day 28 Reset Guide Nutrition Only: $ 69 (available in vegetarian option)

– PIIT Guide 28 1.0 Processing only: $ 39

All purchases can be made on the safe way www. piit28.com , where you can pay with any credit card. Vegetarian options for the above courses are sold differently than standard options. You need to actually choose the vegetarian option at checkout.

Who is Cassey Ho?

Cassey Ho is the creator of PIIT 28 and will be your coach throughout the 28-day journey for better health and a better diet.

She is a certified Pilates instructor and fitness and is also the creator of female fitness channel # 1 on YouTube, Blogilates . At the time of writing, the channel had more than 3 million subscribers.

Cassey has translated its success YouTube diet and guides exercise real world, many of which revolve around your training system called Pilates POP, which was launched in collaboration with 24 Hour Fitness (classes can be found in places gym 24 hours across America).

Cassey has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Cosmopolitan, Health, Good Morning America, Forbes, and other major media.

should you use PIIT 28 to lose weight?

Cassey promises to help you lose weight while doing fun and easy exercise. In less than 30 minutes per day, you can transform your body and achieve weight loss you’ve always wanted.

Cassey training may not be for everyone. To see if they are the right choice for you, visit the YouTube channel Cassey where you can browse through videos to see how your POP Pilates and Sculpting Bootcamp workouts work. If you like the lessons included in the videos, then you can download PIIT 28 or join a Pilates session POP in your fitness studio 24 local time (28 PIIT download is cheaper).

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