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What is Peter Thomas Roth Skin Care? Peter Thomas Roth aims to help improve their skin with high-quality treatment. When you look for products right skin care for you, you do not want a product that is good for all skin types. You want to find a product that specifically addresses their needs. This type of skin care with high quality can be found with Peter Thomas Roth.

About Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth ‘s product line was developed on a journey to find the products of skin care that can handle your concerns individuals. He was plagued with severe acne, which only became more difficult to treat as he grew older and began to form wrinkles. The aim of the creator was to create recipes for skin care products that are effective and powerful.

When Peter started his company, which started as a small company specialized in the production of painkillers and concoctions of clay and minerals that are found only in the thermal waters of Hungary healing business. Since then, Peter has researched and discovered the most effective ingredients, combined with their parents Hungarian philosophies taught him.

At this time, the Peter Thomas Brand has more than 100 products, and the selection is sold online and in stores around the world. The products cover every type of single skin and addresses the concerns you may have about your skin on the face and the rest of his body.

You have the option of shopping for particular concern about the skin. In essence, you can try any of these conditions with their products:

Products Peter Thomas Roth

products Peter Thomas Roth are able to cover almost all areas of his regime care skin. The products are available as skin care in general, hair care and body car. Essentially, Peter Thomas Roth is responsible for their regimes from the head to the soles of the feet. Each product line is different, but the product categories are familiar to anyone who has used skin care products in the past.

None of the products Peter Thomas Roth has been tested on animals in the United States. However, manufacturers in China have not yet given up on this test method. In addition, some of the products that may contain gluten, if you do not come into contact with the mouth.

Skin Care

If you want to set yourself up for success, it is necessary care of your skin before anything else. Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, so you need to make a system that helps you maintain a clear complexion. There are many products to help do that, including:

  • Cleansers / Toners / Scrubs ($ 5 – $ 78)
  • Masks & Peels ($ 10 – $ 150)
  • Treatment Serums ($ 12-195 $)
  • the moisturizing creams and Moisturizers ($ 16-175 $)
  • acne treatments ($ 10-54 $)
  • Sizes travel ($ 3 – $ 48)
  • Eye & Lip Treatment ($ 12 – $ 100)
  • Color Clinic ($ 20-85 $)
  • SPF ($ 16-80 $)

can also order products skin care for their particular needs. Select a link for anti-aging products or enlarged pores, for example, to see what Peter Thomas Roth recommended for treatment.

Hair and Body

Peter Thomas Roth is able to make a variety of products that are intended to moisturize and encourage the rest of your body. Each product has a different purpose, but generally are more potent than the products of skin care. The skin of your body is able to support a stronger formula, but her face is delicate, giving you more restrictions.

  • Anti-Aging Drops polishers ($ 38)
  • revoir Hair 2-Step ($ 38)
  • hair to die for ($ 58)
  • Mega-Rich Body Lotion ($ 18)
    • travel Size ($ 3)
    • Super-Size ($ 72)
  • Mega-Rich Body Wash ($ 18)
    • travel Size ($ 5)
    • Super-Size ($ 72)
  • Mega-Rich Conditioner ($ 18)
    • travel Size ($ 3)
    • Super-Size ($ 72)
  • Mega-Rich Duo – travel Size ($ 5.50)
  • Mega-Rich Shampoo ($ 18)
  • Oilless 100% purified squalene oil ($ 38)

Shopping Peter Thomas Roth products

by purchasing products from Peter Thomas Roth, you need to ensure that you make your purchase from an authorized dealer. Many companies like to sell knock-off versions of these high quality products, but your skin will pay the price. Peter Thomas Roth includes a list of the company that are allowed to sell their products, and an incomplete list of companies that can not sell their products. Always check the company you are purchasing to verify that your personal information is safe, and to ensure the safety of your skin.

authorized dealers:

  • Sephora
  • Sephora China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Canada and Mexico East
  • Ulta
  • QVC
  • Macy
  • Nordstrom
  • Blue Mercury
  • Beauty Brands
  • the Hut Group

contact Peter Thomas Roth

If you want to talk to someone in Peter Thomas Roth, will have to fill out the form on the website. A representative will contact you as soon as possible, but the company does not account to give a time frame of response.


The products available with Peter Thomas Roth combine technology for skin care products today with the ancient tradition of Hungary. The products can be expensive, but the formula of them one of the safest and easier to use than is currently available for public use without a prescription making products.

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