Perricone MD Pre:Empt: The Smart New Skin Care Line For Millennials

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, is known for its anti-inflammatory approach to aging. Although some might be put off by his exhortations to eat salmon for breakfast, their formulas for skin care are a cut above the usual suspects of the department store. So I was interested to read that just launched a new line Pre: Empt Series , aimed at millennials. Preventive products – a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and eye cream -. contain a special complex called Nrf2 is said that the treatment of the first signs of aging

Millennials known to live in the present and are more likely to accept their appearance compared to US baby boom , according to research firm NPD Group. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether men and women burdened by college debt is distributing $ 90 for a youth serum-preservation. Anyway, I was curious enough to look at the line a little more.

While the target customer might be a rookie skin care, this formula is far from unsophisticated. Nrf2 is an antioxidant complex based on turmeric, olive leaf, green tea and watercress sprouts. Scanning ingredients in Pre: Skin Series Empt Serum ($ 90), vi gallatyl gallate , one of the four major catechins in green tea, and three versions of a synthetically curcuminoids, the antioxidant compound in turmeric. One is tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane , which is used in cosmetics for skin lightening products. The other key ingredient in Perricone is watercress sprouts, another skin-lightening; however, it should be noted that watercress is also rich in antioxidant phytonutrients called sulforaphane-rich.

Apart from the complex, Perricone initiates the formula with an ingredient that should be in almost every potion to his name: DMAE . This has been his signature ingredient collagen booster for decades, but research around it is scarce and contradictory.

Perricone has not stinted with your choice of peptide palmitoyl tripeptide-5, also known as Syn-Coll. It is supposed to be more powerful than Matrixyl collagen and boost the immune system. It is believed The thioctic acid , also known as alpha-lipoic acid to act as an anti-inflammatory by preventing activation of specific cytokine proteins and formation. Also worth calling out are two powerful – and stable – forms of vitamin C.

Pre: Empt is not for purists, however: A key ingredient is hexylene a irritating solvent and possible, as is polysorbate 20 and the two preservatives inside. Still, anything that gets the millennium generation to think seriously about skin care gets my vote. At least Perricone has not adopted the paternalistic approach of Estee Lauder, Estee whose ancient capsule range includes editions Kohl and a “draft night” (huh?).

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