Perfectback Rest – Dr. Ho’s Solution To Back Pain

Perfectback Rest is a new support promises to be the best possible way to help your back and , reduce pain . Here is our opinion Perfectback Rest.

What is Perfectback Resto?

Perfectback Rest is a new device that can be placed on any chair – just like your car seat, office chair, or even his wheelchair. Created by acupuncture therapist Dr. Ho, Perfectback Resto committed to using acupressure techniques relieve tender muscles back.

The price is $ 59.98 + $ 19.98 shipping and handling. After purchasing the device, you promise to “transform any chair into an ergonomic seating experience.”

How does Perfectback Resto work?

Perfectback Resto aims to provide all of the following features and benefits:

Perfectback rest is based on something called the air cushion technology wave. Massagers uses 16 pressure points to relieve tight or sore muscles.

You do not have to place Perfectback Rest in chairs: you can lie on it when relaxing at home soothe tense muscles back . Dr. Ho also recommends the use of Perfectback Rest while doing sit-ups to maintain proper form and help protect your lower back.

There are also four rear springs that make it easier to stretch to use the device. And, to allow better airflow, there are air vents throughout the back to give a fresh and comfortable feeling.

Your Perfectback Rest also comes with something called Comfort Cushion driving. That cushion joins the rest Perfectback to provide greater comfort for drivers and passengers. Dr. Ho says that without the mattress, some people find the controls a bit Acupressure also uncomfortable when pressed against the back for long periods of time.

Perfectback Rest claims to be doctor recommends. That “doctor” is Dr. Michael Ho.

Who is Dr. Michael Ho?

Perfectback Resto was created by a guy named Dr. Michael Ho. Dr. Michael Ho is a Doctor of Chiropractic and acupuncture has been practicing and teaching for over 18 years. He has also studied and worked in 18 countries around the world including Canada, United States, Sri Lanka and China.

According to your “About Me” Dr. Ho has “experience in treating thousands of patients” and “believes that the body has incredible healing powers and under suitable conditions can potentially restore its functions. ”

Perfectback Rest emphasizes natural techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and a proactive approach to diet and exercise. By maintaining a healthy diet and exercise patterns today, you can avoid serious problems in the future.

Using Perfectback Rest

Perfectback rest can be used in almost any chair. – As an office chair, car seat, or wheelchair

to use the back pad, simply push back and slowly rub his back against acupressure massage nodes. You should feel relief from tension and knots to untie.

To stretch with Perfectback Resto, place it on the ground, and then lie about it and move your arms above your head. Relax your body and breathe slowly to feel relief from the tension in your body.

To perform crunches, you lie the device on the floor as if he were stretching. Then do crunches while allowing the device to maintain the natural curvature of the back.

Whenever you need to clean Perfectback rest, it is recommended to clean with soap and warm water before air drying it. Do not immerse the device under water and do not use a dryer to dry.

Perfectback Rest pricing

Perfectback Resto is available online and by phone through the official manufacturer. You can visit to order or call 888-974-9096.

Wherever you order, the price is always $ 59.98 + $ 19.95 S + H

You can contact the company to obtain information by calling reimbursement same number listed above or email to [email protected]

You can pay with any credit card, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

can also shop online through Perfectback Rest of the Amazon, where it is priced at $ 59.99 with free shipping.

Perfectback rest must be used to relieve back pain?

Perfectback rest is a device back pain relief made by a world renowned acupuncturist named Dr. Michael Ho. The device is marketed towards anyone who sits for more than 2 hours a day. If you spend long periods of time at work or sitting in the car, then Perfectback rest can help relieve his chronic back pain and sore muscles.

Since the recently launched device not much evidence supporting their use – yet. We have no scientific evidence that relieves back pain, and even customer feedback have not yet appeared online.

However, if the balls massage and acupuncture techniques have worked for you in the past, then Perfectback Rest may be the device back pain relief you need to feel better.

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