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When you are trying to decide between different products, one thing that can not be taken into account is the brand. Like many consumers, it is likely to select the colors you want from any brands are available, mixing different brands or colors to achieve the desired look. However, if you stick with the same brand for all, to reduce the risk of mixing the wrong combination of products. Luckily, beauty Peninsula has every product you may need in your online store.

What is the peninsula of beauty?

Peninsula Beauty has more than 5,000 products on their website, and these products come from more than 200 of the best brands in cosmetics and skin care industries. You can actually stop at an online store for each product and the gift you need. You

This company was founded in California in 1959, and was initially created because a husband noticed that his wife was having a hard time finding dye hair coloring wanted locally. After years and years of dedication to this company making a reliable resource, the founder’s daughter has help establish 12 locations in the United States that offer their selection of products.

Peninsula beauty product selection

Among the thousands of different products available from this Web site, the company inventory is broken into the following categories.

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Nail Care
  • Tools
  • Body
  • Brushes
  • Natural

Since there is no way for you to learn more about each product that can be useful for you without having to visit the website, here are some of the most popular products that have been purchased by other consumers frequently.

DevaCurl DevaCare low Poo®

Available for $ 19.99 in a 12-ounce bottle, the DevaCurl DevaCare low Poo® consumers is offered as a shampoo that is impregnated with the nutrients vitamin C. people with curly hair usually have to buy a different shampoo because they get the quality they want, but this particular formula is specific for dyeing hair. Essentially, you are able to get shampoos and conditioners beauty Peninsula that are designed for very specific purposes, if necessary.

Repair Air Cutis extinction facial mist 2 oz

Available for $ 10.00 on a 2-ounce bottle, this facial mist is exactly what you need to relax and replenish your skin dry . The resource includes a variety of healthy ingredients, which are known for their roles in skin hydration. The ingredients included are:

Due to the compact size of the bottle, this fog is perfect to take on long trips, especially during the summer.

Japonesque Go Curl Curler Mini MT-036

Available for $ 12.99, this tool allows you to curl your lashes and look your best on the road, or when you simply do not have time to finish her makeup in the country. Carry it in your wallet to complete your eye makeup regimen at work or in a restaurant bathroom on a date. The curler comes with refills pad at the base of the tool, which allows you to grab a new one when the current coating wears.

Mustela Dermo-Cleansing Gel

Available for $ 16.50 on a bottle of 16.9 ounces, this formula is a cleansing gel for hair and body, which means that it basically acts as a formula of “all in one”. However, this product is not intended for adults. Instead, the gel without tearing is for newborns and babies, as their skin and hair remains delicate and sensitive incredible. This formula is designed to keep the skin smooth with a patented ingredient called Avocado Perseose, contributing to the biodegradable nature of the gel.

California Baby Calendula Bubble Bath 13 oz

Available for $ 15.99 in a bottle of 13 ounces, this particular bubble bath is also designed for children. However, instead of being used as a way to entertain your child, the bathroom is intended to help calm them after a long day. Use this product before bedtime to help you relax and slowly ease into the rest of a long night. This formula also helps treat dry skin, which is beneficial for children suffering from eczema.

contact the peninsula Beauty

Although it is easy to see that the Peninsula beauty can be your one stop shop for all products you may need for your face, you still you can benefit from consultation with a customer service representative. The easiest method to contact the company appears to be via email to customerserv[email protected] However, if you need to talk to someone about the products, you can call 877-441-1454 ext. 123.

For the latest updates on new products or promotions, you can also follow their social networking profiles on the following websites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • options
  • Instagram


Peninsula beauty has many different products, which means that the probability of finding the right products for your needs is quite high. Look through each of the categories to see what options are available for your needs, or shopping for brand name for a specific item.

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