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Fifteen years ago a young girl suffering from extreme eczema walked the streets of Seoul, Korea, and was approached by a stranger that he felt compelled to compliment the young in their makeup.

About peach and Lily

Upon learning that she had, in fact, the distribution itself insisted that women pursue a career in beauty. She was so impressed by this meeting that during his senior year in high school, she began taking classes beauty school after their regular curriculum. Once he learned of the determination he took the rest of the way and she began to manage their eczema and finally had the brightness of an eighteen year old.

was completed college and entered the world of finance and consulting eventually attend Harvard Business School. The whole time she was doing facials and make-overs on the family and friends. Share your knowledge of products care skin surprising Korea he had to offer. She was overwhelmed with the feeling of accomplishment as your friends and family praised their new and amazing skin.

During a consultation for a company of Western beauty realized how many Korean beauty products were being sought by the Western world. He saw his chance and took their knowledge Skincare and combined it with his Harvard business knows how born and peach and Lily. Four years later peach and Lily continue to provide amazing skin care and beauty products that are all natural and all of Korea.

Why Korean beauty? – K factor

as countries compete for a position “superpower” or label, Korea has actually achieved that state called the beauty of Marie Claire superpower. Going so far as to say that the regime and the Korean beauty products is twelve years ahead of everyone else. Korea has achieved this by a simple demand alone. Korean women take skin care to a whole new level increasingly demanding perfection of her skin. Because of this demand for perfection and more of the same, Korea has created a market in which funding for research and development based on the purchase of the product that has created a hyper-competitive and highly innovative industry. They are able to continue to have this title “superpower” five simple reasons ..

  • Innovation
  • Formula
  • one of a class ingredients
  • “inside-out” Results
  • Value

the process of peach and Lily

to join the family of peach and Lily a product must go through months of testing and has been thoroughly analyzed before being delivered to your mailbox. The process is arduous but has proved successful. The process has been divided into seven stages and each product has to go through all seven steps before being delivered to “badge of honor” to be part of the line of peach and lily of the products.

The seven steps

will hunt

Every four to six weeks peach and lily “hit the pavement” looking for the next best thing in Korea beauty. Your search is kept local Korea and Japan and covers the products tested and true all the way to the overnight successes and coming. Interviewing store managers, laboratory technicians, well respected and esteemed dermatologists and beauticians, including own brands, all to be aware of the latest Korean beauty has to offer. .

get feedback

peach and Lily are looking for brands that literally have a cult like following. They want brands that people trust and have done for years. They will not turn our backs on something new and exciting, but it has to pass the test. Are loyal people who use it and why?

Formulas Vet

peach and Lily scrutinizes every detail regarding the ingredients placed on the brands you are considering. All natural products are a must and should be soft to the skin. No corners can be cut to create the final product. Basically, if you do not like what they see in the formulation process, they are not interested.

Note Details

While the formulation is of utmost importance the look and feel of the product is appreciated and sought after by the consumer. So these small details are also sought when hunting the last product to add to the line of peach and Lily.

Meet & Greet

The man behind the curtain is high on the list of the healing process. Peach Lily interviews and manufacturers brands, not only the costumes, but lab coats as well. They want to be sure that a quality product is in the mind of both the executive and the head of research and development team. Peach and Lily feels that beauty is firmly based on science, therefore, products that do not have a research department and internal development even considered.

Try it out

Celebrity endorsements and catchy marketing does not get the job done by peach and Lily. If you want to be part of the family must be highly reviewed and adored by your consumer.

ready testers

Before a product can even reach the final cut list will be tested by people of all ages, races and skin types. Those who are then rigorously questioned about the product they have been testing. If the product arrive at least eight out of ten stars possible, it will make it to the final cut list.

The Korean beauty ritual

Korean women are known for their bright and perfect skin. This is much in part to their beauty ritual that takes place every day and can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is not used to take a lot of time with your skin. But if you want the glowing perfection that will take care program Skin ten steps. The ritual of Korean beauty can be broken down as follows:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Essence
  • Serums and blisters
  • Hydrate
  • Protect

Take another level

not only perfect, but almost transparent skin with a glow …. additional measures to further improve the beauty of your skin from the inside out

  • Exfoliate
  • Masks reference
  • sleep masks

a race through the ritual

the first seven ritual steps are carried out in the morning. Typically, the face is washed first with an oil-based cleaner to remove oil-based makeup that may have been left behind, as well as SPF and other impurities from the skin. Once your face is nice and clean toner is used to deal with those unsightly large pores and normalizes. Now that your face is clean and toned you will have to apply an essence that moisturize the skin and prepare it for the next step. The next step is the application of serums and blisters that address very specific concerns, such as wrinkles and fine lines. This is a part of the ritual where you decide how much and what needs to be addressed, addition or deletion of serums and blisters is specific to your needs.

This brings us to the fifth stage, see ya halfway and so far not too hard, which is to hydrate. Now I know that it seems that we already deal with this is step number three, but the step number five is specific to your eyes. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more vulnerable dehydration leading to fine lines and wrinkles so we want to give that area a little moisture and special attention. Which brings us to our final step in the morning that is protection. The sun does more harm than you might expect, be sure to add an SPF to your beauty regimen.

can take the ritual to the next level and further improve your skin from the inside out you can add the last three steps. First on the list it is to exfoliate two to three times a week. You will need to use a non-irritating gentle exfoliant that will help unclogging the pores caused by makeup and toxins in the air around him. It will also encourage a healthy turnover of cells. This will allow more fluid absorption. Next on the list is the use of masks sheet. These are really an extension of the process of serum, but allows an extra on the base end day treatment in the way your skin feels. Lastly is a sleep mask, such as masks and scrubs sheet these should be used two to three times a week instead of your usual moisturizer overnight. It acts both as a moisturizer, but remains on the skin overnight and allows complete absorption of nutrients. You literally get your beauty sleep.

The products offered by Peach and Lily

Skin Care

arsenal of skin care

peach and Lily is abundant. skin care products offered by the company are extensive and are broken down into internal peach and Lily brands. A list of what is offered in terms of products for skin care is as follows:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Toners
  • Essences
  • Oils Face
  • Serums / Ampoules
  • eye ​​creams
  • the moisturizers
  • Scrubs
  • eyeshades
  • Masks
  • Masks reference
  • sunscreens
  • facial mists

These products skin care featuring peach and Lily can also be purchased in kit form and wanted by the demand and popularity.

  • Kits Korean regime
  • Mini / Travel
  • Cult Favorites

peach and Lily has more to offer

is not just skin in peach and Lily, they also offer a complete line of products for the rest of their needs. All you need your nails to your makeup can be found in the product line peach and Lily.

peach and Lily Brands

Interested in that last mad intensive testing process that Lily peach and demand for each product. Here is the list of the cream of the crop all offered through peach and Lily.


Ariul is a line of beauty products and skin care that takes the idea of ​​detoxification inside your body outward. One of the masks sold Ariul sheet every eight seconds in Korea. These masks specific leaves infuse your skin with healing and hydration water bamboo, avocado, tea tree, aloe powers, and Granada. They have an entire line devoted to protecting your skin from environmental damage day called Vital Berry. More products in demand by Ariul provided by peach and Lily are serums and hot springs provide both health and hydration. Try some Aruil line and see what things that make you healthy on the outside can do for your interior.


Aromatic product line boasts a ECOCERT in all its products and ingredients. In fact, the only Korean brand to be awarded Champion Status Skindeep EWG. This company uses only the best of the best ingredients and essential oils that are native to the source location. This dedication and commitment to producing the highest quality have earned the company a subsequent amazing and loyal customer base.

will put on the skin

The founder of Sea Skin underwent a five-year mission to find the best combination of natural ingredients, herbs, robust botanical products and technology to create the product perfect. Be four main lines of skin care skin are available to you through peach and Lily.


The use of five thousand years of Korean history beauty that had been passed down from generation to generation, combined with the most natural ingredients Jin Young Joo founded Callion. The first ever beauty company in Korea to launch a line of fragrance-free products, alcohol and dyes. All products are also non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.


Clio began twenty years ago and at that time has become a dominant in the makeup industry. This company is loved by makeup artists and his girl every day around town just because of its ease of use and professional quality product. Clio is mostly known for its incredible color palette, the applicators cutting edge and classic eye liner.


Cremorlab is unique in that its line of skin care uses the power of water therapy or T.E.N Therma .. T.E.N. They can be found in Geunjin, a region in Korea, which is level with minerals. This unique line of skin care enrich its natural shine, skin hydration and vitality.


Herbolle is a leader in the experience “from farm to bottle”. All herbs used in their products are grown within walking distance of where the products are manufactured. Smells just make you think you are in the spa rather than your own bathroom.


lady and skin is a line of beauty products for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life. The ingredients alone would suggest therefore things like propolis, wild ginseng age, caviar and 24K gold just to name a few. Opulence does not stop at the ingredients, the packaging is to die too.


Lotus is a product line that comes from the island of Jeju commonly known as the “Hawaii of Korea”. This island is known for its rich volcanic soil nutrient and unpolluted ecosystem. The Lotus is a trademark of Jeju Island is the most sought after. All products are made directly from the leaf extract natural white lotus. Flavonoids and antioxidants are rich in lotus extract and create a product that will scale the ability of skin to heal itself, and creates the effects of aging and detoxification .

may COOP

tree sap is the claim of the company to fame. its entire product line uses sap from a maple tree. The sap is harvested in spring to ensure the power of the nutritive and revitalizing properties of the sap.

M LINE Mizon

Line M relies on his knowledge to do the job right. its entire product line focuses on hydration that allows an adequate basis for healthy skin.


The holding an exclusive patent Midaskin is the only line product to include polypeptide botulinum 1. This fun pronounce ingredient is FDA approved and has had results favorable word anti-aging. It is known that give the skin the appearance of being raised wrinkle free and yes, young.


Again, as in his line M Mizon looks to science ever to get the job done right. Moisturizing ingredients and large portions of ‘hero’ is used for most of the health of your skin.


This product line has a simplistic view of its line prodcut stipping to the simple essential product for any ingredient of natural base. Binchotan coal has been used for centuries by the Japanese to detoxify, cleanse and hydrate the delicate skin. This is the main and centuries behind them, they can not be wrong ingredient.


This line as you may have guessed from the name used distilled rosewater and rose stem cells to create their product line. The line was created by the Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Korea. Its product line offers an improvement in skin tone, elasticity and moisture.


Shangpree Spa Seoul Korea has been the march of elite destination for over twenty five years. Shangpree as now opened its product to the public and you can get here in peach and Lily.


Skin Inc. is revolutionizing the tailored idea with regard to skin care. Skin care that is specific to the skin of the person. It is given nine problem areas such as large pores, dark spots and so on. You choose three of those problem areas and create your own super serum .


is a product line that is the skin with specific problems. Tosowoong choose the ingredients for their level of impact things like green tea, blueberries and propolis can be found in its product line.


Uka, to the peach and Lily made it possible was only available in Russia, Europe and Asia. This line of oils and nail treatments for hands and hair care and body were all made with certified organic ingredients by ECOCERT everything and COSMEBIO. Everyone in the know has one of the oils Uka nail in his belt, to be sure.

peach slices

While still at the height of the peach and Lily stanard is a more youthful and playful product line for the younger consumer.

cult favorites

Cult favorites are what they seem. This is the product of the land, products everyone wants and is crying. They are conveniently located just under a peach pill and Lily.

How I can get some?

Now you want to get your hands on changing some skin products! Well look no further than peach and Lily. If you are in New York you can shop right there in the only physical store for peaches and located at 136-50 Roosevelt Lily Avenue, Flushing New York, 11354.

If you are in any rather than New York, no worry and Lily peach is online and easy to navigate,

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